3 ways Liverpool can turn around without key January signing

It appears there will be no key January signing this month at Liverpool. Multiple reports claim as much.

So here are three ways Jurgen Klopp can turns things around without bringing anyone in.


It’s simple, it’s boring, but it might be the most effective way. Just wait it out and believe that this Liverpool side can right itself.

They are the champions, after all, and even in a difficult season, they top the league. There is reason to believe this is just a blip that will right itself, then.

The players are good enough – we know that – and several back from injury recently. Perhaps time and patience is all Liverpool need to be the dominant force we know they are.

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Formation change

We talked recently about perhaps moving Mohamed Salah to striker. He has a phenomenal record there and leaning into it could help solve Liverpool’s goalscoring woes.

Doing so would likely mean switching to 4-2-3-1 – but that’s not a problem. Liverpool have players who are good enough to move to different roles in different systems, after all.

It doesn’t even need to be 4-2-3-1. Liverpool could try and fix their centre-half problem by moving to back three. They could play a diamond with two strikers in an attempt to press differently.

There are plenty of options and some fun XIs to be made with various changes.

If Liverpool aren’t going to naturally get back on track, ripping up the plan and trying something new could be the answer.

Risk takers

Liverpool won the title last season in a very controlled manner. They took fewer risks, ground out results and smothered teams efficiently.

It was undoubtedly the best way to secure the title. As proven by winning the title in ridiculously dominant fashion.

But it’s not the only way Klopp and Liverpool know how to play. If they want to play chaotic, score-more-than-you football, they can.

It’s risky and can completely blow up in your face. But after watching stodgy, uninspiring performances over the last three games, perhaps a spell of chaos makes sense.

Stretch the game from front to back, let opponents attack, and hit them on the counter.

Photo by Jon Super – Pool/Getty Images

Injuries to key players likely mean the controlled style is gone – Liverpool aren’t settled enough to pull it off. And if that’s the belief, going all out attack sounds about right.

Liverpool would drop points here and there, of course. The style is too reckless to avoid that. But ‘heavy-metal’ football could be enough to see Liverpool over the line this season without a key January signing.

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