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Liverpool can win reported Kylian Mbappe battle thanks to decisive timing

Liverpool are trying to win a fight for Kylian Mbappe, according to reports. Fortunately, timing appears to be on their side.

AS recently claimed that Liverpool ‘have the funds’ to sign Kylian Mbappe. They even believe the Reds have made contact over a move.

Those funds must be significant, too, given Paris Saint-Germain paid £165m to sign Mbappe.

It backs up a recent article from L’Equipe who believe Liverpool have wanted to sign the player for a long time. They’re still very interested, apparently.

Any why wouldn’t they be? Mbappe is the biggest transfer anyone can make and winning the battle against Real Madrid would be enormous.

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It’s a statement to world football all on its own.

But this isn’t the only battle between the two. The Guardian have Real as front-runners to sign David Alaba, with Liverpool also competing.

The Reds might struggle there, though. Alaba has always wanted to play in Spain and this is his big chance. He’ll be 29 next season – the final few years of his prime.

It’s now or never for Alaba, then.

But that kind of talk paints the Mbappe move in a different light. Time is against Liverpool with Alaba but it’s firmly in their favour with the Frenchman.

The place to be

‘The place to be’ changes a lot in football. But there’s a strong argument that it’s currently Liverpool.

They have a world-class coach, a great playing style, it’s an historic club, and they’re winning trophies. That’ll entice anyone.

But we all know that can change in a flash. A poor season or two and suddenly, elite players like the Spanish weather a lot.

Real and Barcelona will always have lifestyle and glamour going for them in ways Liverpool don’t. Even if the latter is the world’s greatest city without any doubt whatsoever – not everyone sees it that way.

Players do aspire to play in Spain, much like Alaba. Mbappe might, too. But at 22, the pull isn’t as strong.

Mbappe can afford to join the team of right-now and still play out some of his best years elsewhere. A five-year Liverpool contract only takes him to 27, after all.

He’s in no rush to live out a certain dream or try out a certain league. Mbappe can afford to join the team on top and still have time to do all the rest.

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That works enormously in Liverpool’s favour. They have a great chance to win the Mbappe race purely footballing terms – something they don’t have with Alaba.

Liverpool, surely, will make use of this decisive timing. If Mbappe truly is available, the Reds being on top is a fantastic stroke of fortune.

There’s no better time to get such a deal done.

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