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Under £100m? Jadon Sancho transfer would become absolute no-brainer

Jadon Sancho could be available for a sub-£100m transfer, according to reports. At that price, he becomes a no-brainer for Liverpool.

This comes from 90min. They claim that Manchester United still want Jadon Sancho and believe they could secure a transfer for under £100m.

That comes after being prepared to pay £120m over the summer. They eventually opted not to meet Borussia Dortmund’s £107m valuation, though.

But ‘circumstances’ – by which we assume they mean the financial complications of empty stadiums – lead United to believe the price will drop.

And if it does, Liverpool need to get involved.

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Expensive bargain

We can’t imagine any price for Sancho would drop under £75m – so we’re still talking a record fee for Liverpool. This won’t be a cheap one, regardless.

But it’s difficult to believe that there’s any player with Sancho’s talent and record that will cost under £100m. That makes this a no-brainer for Liverpool.

The Reds’ situation forces them into a market like this. All three of their star forwards are pushing 30 and need replacing.

Liverpool won’t want to do that all at once, however, and the breakup could start this summer. Replacing such incredibly successful players will requite the very best available, though.

We’re talking Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe or Sancho. And Sancho is surely the only one of those three who will drop under £100m.

And once that price does drop under £100m, Liverpool can begin to overlook things. Why? Because of other valuations.

The Mirror recently claimed, for instance, that Aston Villa would want £100m for Jack Grealish. Once Sancho is in that bracket, he looks like a bargain.

Grealish is good, of course, but his record isn’t as good as Sancho’s and he’s five years older.

So Sancho’s disappointing form this season doesn’t seem as worrying. Liverpool can look at the price and see that they’ll get their money’s worth purely from getting Sancho back to his previous form.

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Because Sancho of the last two seasons is easily worth £100m if Grealish is. And that’s without considering the enormous potential in Sancho.

So it’s difficult to consider a Sancho transfer as anything other than a no-brainer if he drops under £100m. You’ll struggle to find a better current player for that money.

Add in the potential involved and Liverpool’s need for new forwards? Sancho could end up making it look like loose change.

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