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New arrival ties Liverpool closer to Jurgen Klopp at a strange time

Liverpool tied itself closer to Jurgen Klopp with an arrival this week. Dr Andreas Schlumberger joined as head of recovery and performance.

Jurgen Klopp has dominated Liverpool since his arrival. His personality is ridiculously charismatic and just sort of takes over everything.

You now can’t think about Liverpool without thinking of Klopp – and that’s quite remarkable. Few people have ever had that effect on the Reds.

It’s brought about incredible success, too. Liverpool are still the World Champions as of now and added the English crown in the summer.

So for that reason, it makes sense for the club to tie itself to Klopp as tight as it can. It took another step in that direction this week by appointing Andreas Schlumberger.

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The German, who worked with Klopp for four years at Borussia Dortmund, is the new head of recovery and performance. He’s a figure from Klopp’s past, brought in to bring something new.

But while doing things Klopp’s way with people he knows is a fine idea, it does start to ask questions. He won’t be here for that much longer, after all.

Quitting time

Klopp has a contract for another three-and-a-half years. And after that, he’s reportedly done. The Daily Mail, to name one source, claims he’s to return to Germany once it’s done.

So make no mistake – this is all on course to end soon. There are a few more years to go but Klopp won’t be here for too much longer.

This won’t be a Bill Shankly run where he’s around for 15 years. More Bob Paisley, where he brings incredible success and departs while on top.

But it asks the question of when do Liverpool start to prepare for it? When do you stop doing things Klopp’s way and look beyond him?

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For now, there’s no reason to worry. Bringing in Schlumberger makes sense and no one should question the decision.

It is just another reminder, though, of how much influence Klopp has. While he’s earned it, it can’t go on forever. Very soon, Liverpool must look elsewhere and for other ideas when it comes to things like this.

For now, Klopp represents many threads in the fabric of the club. So they need to make sure that when he pulls himself out, the rest won’t unravel.

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