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Divock Origi now faces the biggest decision of his entire career

Divock Origi now faces what is comfortably the biggest decision of his career. The Belgian must decide what’s important – and how much he backs himself.

No matter what, Divock Origi can look back at his Liverpool career with pride. He signed a contract back in 2014 as part of a £10m deal, meaning he’s watched many players come and go without making his impact.

The 2019 Champions League victory is in large part thanks to Origi, after all.

But now he faces a very tough decision.

Career choice

Origi can stay at Liverpool for his prime years if he wants to – he has that choice. The Belgian signed a ‘long-term’ contract back in July 2019, so he’s only 18 months into it.

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But does he want to? Origi is now 25 and will be past his best after this one expires. Spending the best remaining years of his career as what essentially amounts to making up the numbers shouldn’t be attrative.

He’s 5th choice at Liverpool and that just means he’s a rotation option. Origi is there to allow others to rest.

That won’t get him back in the Belgium team. It certainly won’t boost his reputation further. The only hope is another crazy run like in 2019 – and that’s unlikely.

Which brings us to January. Corriere Dello Sport claims that Origi will move on in the winter, be it on loan or permanently.

One team with interest is Internazionale. They would want Origi to backup Romelu Lukaku and offer further cover on the left wing.

Alternatively, the likes of Newcastle United, Aston Villa and Brighton want him on loan, the report claims.

We don’t know which of these deals appeals to Origi. Does he want to be backup again? It’s a better standard of backup, admittedly, where he can expect to play more. But it would still be a long-term deal to be a supporting character.

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Or does he take another loan? He’ll be in roughly the same position when he returns from it but perhaps he grows his reputation. It would be one fewer prime year at a permanent club, however.

Origi has the biggest decision of his career in front of him, then. Where does he want to spend those prime years? If he gets it wrong, it will have a devastating effect on his career.

But if he gets it right, he could undergo a great rejuvenation.

If there truly is this much interest in him, we may well find out next month.

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