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Liverpool's 3 best moments in a crazy - and glorious - 2020

It’s certainly been a year to remember for Liverpool Football Club. Here we pick out our three best moments in a crazy 2020.

Curtis Jones arrives

We’ll go all the way back to January 5th for this one. Liverpool faced Everton in the FA Cup after an intense December fixture list.

Jurgen Klopp responded by putting out what we’ll very generously call a ‘B Team’. It was a side packed with kids and up against Everton’s first-team.

The truly miraculous thing is that they stopped the Toffees scoring. But we’ll always remember that night for what Curtis Jones did.

On 71 minutes, the local lad curled one into the top corner from the edge of the box. It was a sensational hit.

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So here was Jones. A teenager who had barely played senior football but he’s scored a screamer in a Merseyside Derby to knock Everton out of the cup. Fairytale stuff.

And if Jones goes on to have the career he looks set for, this is a moment we’ll talk about for years and years to come.

Happy Thiago Day

An off-the-pitch moment but one of the craziest and best days of the year.

Liverpool had courted Thiago – one of the world’s best midfielders – for some time. But in this year, with finances uncertain for so many reasons, no one was 100% sure if they could get him.

Things looked promising, then hopeless, then a little bit promising again. Then one day, on September 18th, the deal just sort of happened, catching everyone off guard.

Thiago is one of the biggest signings in the club’s history. Liverpool isn’t a team that, historically, has gone out and signed ready-made, world-class players.

The excitement was through the roof. And somehow it got better.

Later that same day, as everyone raved about how great Thiago would be, reports came out that Liverpool liked Diogo Jota from Wolves.

Then a couple of hours later, they’d bid for Jota. Then a couple of hours later, they’d agreed to sign Jota.

That one truly came out of nowhere. The Jota deal capped off a wonderful, whirlwind day. A day of transfers that we won’t forget quickly.


Liverpool are champions of England again. We’ve waited 30 years for it but the Reds reign supreme once again.

So while we’ve picked three, Jordan Henderson lifting the Premier League trophy is the undoubted, undisputed moment of the year. It’s one we’ll all remember forever.

That was always going to be the case but it also came with the strangest surroundings.

It was a title lift without any fans, done in isolation on the Kop. There was no natural fanfare around it all – only what the club could muster with lightshows and music.

Then add to that the nature of the title win itself. You’ll notice that there’s only one on-the-pitch event on this ‘best moments of 2020’ list.

That moment featured virtually no first-XI players and came in the FA Cup. And that’s because Liverpool were champions in waiting ever since the year ticked over to 2020.

A 3-1 win over Manchester City in November 2019, followed by a dominant December that featured a 4-0 away win against second-place Leicester City, effectively confirmed the title before we reached this year.

The entire Premier League campaign in 2020 was simply a wait. By the end, it was just whether they’d break the points total – and how much they cared to.

And none of this is to take away anything from the title win or the title lift. They’re incredible moments and accomplishments that we truly will remember forever.

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But one reason they’ll stand the test of time is that they’re unlike anything anyone saw, predicted, or imagined over that 30-year wait.

That trophy lift isn’t just one of the best and most memorable moments of 2020, but in the 128-year history of Liverpool Football Club.

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