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Liverpool should repeat £23m Swansea City trick with Harry Wilson

Swansea City want Harry Wilson, according to reports. It gives Liverpool the chance to repeat a trick that worked wonderfully last season.

Sky Sports claim that Swansea City have already made an offer to loan Harry Wilson. Liverpool rejected it, however, wanting a ‘greater financial commitment’.

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But it certainly appears that the Swans want the player. Steve Cooper, a former Liverpool coach and current Swansea boss, openly talked about the player on Thursday, too. He left no doubt that he rates him and would quite like him at the club.

And with all this interest, Liverpool should strongly consider repeating a trick that worked wonders last season.


So Liverpool want a ‘greater financial commitment’ if they’re to send Wilson to Swansea. There’s a good reason for that, too, and it brings us to a certain player – Rhian Brewster.

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Liverpool sold the player for £23.5m to Sheffield United in the transfer window, despite rating him highly. Why? Because they didn’t trust a loan deal.

With a loan, the receiving club doesn’t have any commitment to develop the player. If things get tough or they change their minds, there is no incentive to keep using them and giving the player minutes. This is exactly what happened to Wilson at Bournemouth last season.

He didn’t play more than 45 minutes after the restart as Bournemouth fought relegation. They instead used long-term players and ones they had a stake in. And that will have worried Liverpool.

According to the Daily Mail, that’s why they sold Brewster. They made sure that Sheffield United had no choice but to develop the player as they’d committed a huge chunk of cash to it. There’s a buy-back clause in the deal, should Liverpool decide he’s developed enough.

The key thing here, though, is that Liverpool found a club who was willing to pay £23.5m for a player who has never played in the Premier League. In fact, he only has six months of senior football under his belt, all in the Championship.

But that ties into Wilson, too.

Earning trust

Brewster spent six months on loan at Swansea City last season. He bagged 11 goals in that time, too, earning himself enough of a reputation that Sheffield United paid that cash.

That’s got to be a trick worth repeating. Liverpool can trust Swansea and Steve Cooper, after all. He’s an ex-Liverpool youth coach who worked with Wilson.

Thus Liverpool can trust that he develops players, they know how he develops players, and have a recent history of it going very well. This, then, is a deal that could work wonderfully well.

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Brewster spent six months there and became a £23m player. There is no reason that Wilson, a more experienced and complete player, can’t go there and develop himself further under Cooper and drive up his value. A value Liverpool allegedly already hold at £20m.

It’s a trick that worked once for Liverpool and could work again.

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