Gini Wijnaldum has showered Thiago in praise after the Spaniard’s move to Liverpool. He named three things that make him a ‘perfect match’ with the club.

Gini Wijnaldum is clearly excited about Thiago. The Spaniard arrived last month for £20m and while he hasn’t been able to play more than 45 minutes, he’s already generated a ton of hype.

Liverpool Training Session

(Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Even with the players, it seems. Wijnaldum gave an interview to where he has nothing but praise for his new teammate. Three things, in particular, stand out to the Dutchman.

“Everything impressed me,” he said. “I saw him play for years now, I played against him when we played against Bayern, and the awareness he has on the pitch, the confidence he has on the ball and the way he manages to let the team play is unbelievable.

“He’s such a quality player that is going to make this team even better than we were before. So, I’m really happy, everyone is really happy, to have him here. He’s also happy to be here.

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“I think it’s a perfect match: Liverpool and Thiago.”

What RTK has to say

It’s always fantastic to see teammates get excited about a new signing. Especially when said teammates have just won the league at a canter.

But it certainly seems that even elite, title-winning players see Thiago as a huge upgrade for the squad. That’s exactly what Liverpool will have hoped for, of course.

That isn’t to say that Thiago is miles better than the players already at the club. You can certainly argue that he’s now the best midfielder but the important thing is that he does things on the pitch that no one else can.

Liverpool Training Session

(Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

And Wijnaldum has highlighted that here. There are three things that Thiago does at an ‘unbelievable’ level and they’re things Liverpool didn’t really have before.

That’s an exciting prospect and why Wijnaldum is far from the only one who sees Thiago and Liverpool as an ideal match.

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