Liverpool have become notorious for their cautious but surgically precise transfer policy in recent seasons. The Reds have been identifying value in an inflated market, securing the signings of diamonds in the rough for bargain prices. Whilst some fans are clamouring for more glamorous signings, the cautious Liverpool transfer approach is justified by our rivals’ recent flops.

The cautious Liverpool transfer policy is justified by the clubs' rivals' recent failures in the market.

The cautious Liverpool transfer policy is justified by the clubs’ rivals’ recent failures in the market. (Photo credit PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Slow and steady wins the race

Since being appointed Liverpool manager in 2015 Jürgen Klopp has a net spend of around £63.6m according to Anfield Online.

This is a ridiculously low figure considering the success the German has had at the club. In the same time Pep Guardiola has amassed a net spend of around £507m according to Transfermarkt.

The cautious approach to the transfer market paid off in the end when the Reds emphatically beat City to the Premier League title in 2019/20.

Megabucks flops

Not only have Liverpool’s rivals been spending exorbitant amounts of money they have also been wasting a lot of money.

In the time since Jürgen Klopp has been at Anfield we have seen some of the most expensive transfer flops in Premier League history.

In 2018 Chelsea broke the world record transfer fee for a goalkeeper when they signed Kepa Arrizabalaga for £71m, they are now rumoured to be considering sourcing a replacement for the world’s most expensive keeper just two years after signing him.


Manchester United this week managed to move on Alexis Sanchez to Inter Milan having previously been lumbered with his £14m a year wages.

Liverpool transfer approach vindicated

Whilst some fans may see the Liverpool transfer approach as overly cautious and frustrating when our rivals are out splashing tens of millions on the world’s most exciting individuals, we must remember that these massive transfers are also massive gambles.

Liverpool have been cautious, they’ve done their homework and they have splashed out when they were 100% confident in a player. We can’t point to any signing in Liverpool’s recent history who we feel was a poor move.

The only signing who thus far hasn’t hit the heights expected of him is Marko Grujic and even he is likely to earn the club a healthy profit in the end.

Liverpool may be boring in the transfer market but they are miles ahead of their rivals in sensibility, we aren’t lumbered with multi million pound flops eating through the wage budget.

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