Liverpool could raise millions in transfer money this summer. They also want several new players, however, and there may not be enough to go around.

Moving on

There are quite a few Liverpool players facing uncertain futures right now. They range from first-team regulars, like Gini Wijnaldum, to players not even at the club, like Harry Wilson.

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Then there’s Dejan Lovren – already gone and, reportedly, netting Liverpool £11m.

We expect to see movement, then, and for Liverpool to sell certain players whenever someone offers a reasonable fee. The squad will be fairly bloated otherwise and at a time when inflated wage bills are not just unnecessary but prolematic.

There isn’t regular matchday income to cover them, after all.

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Moving in

And so Liverpool will potentially have several millions to work with the in the transfer window. Whether they put them all to use or not is another question, however. The economic climate means it may be safer to simply hold onto the cash and secure what you have.

But regardless of how much money there is to spend, we do know that Liverpool want several players. There’s the obvious one – a replacement for Lovren.

Liverpool are now down to three senior centre-halves and that’s not something Jurgen Klopp will like. He’s said before that he values having four in the squad.

The Reds also reportedly want a left-back who can over the left-wing, too. There’s said to be some leeway in the transfer market for such a player, if they can find one.

The third is trickier – a goalscorer. It’s no secret that Liverpool wanted Timo Werner this summer but couldn’t justify the fee. While he hasn’t arrived, it’s an admission that they do want more goals in the squad. Liverpool will still want them, Werner or not.

Rather than look to bring in three players, though, we believe Liverpool should focus on just one.

Other options

Yes, Liverpool want new players but there are internal options within the club. Klopp recently talked about the opportunity there and we see them, too.

At centre-half, Liverpool have choices. They could try a youth player, for one, or even use Fabinho as a fourth-choice player.

For left-back, there’s Neco Williams. He needs work to get used to it but it’s an option that could prove very fruitful.

As for striker, we’re excited about the potential of Rhian Brewster. We believe he can become a top player if Liverpool give him the chance.

Now, all three are risks, of course. We’re primarily talking about young players with limited experience – a far cry from Werner, for one. But that doesn’t mean Liverpool should ignore transfers.

Instead, taking two of these options and putting the money into one signing makes the most sense. Liverpool can assure they afford the right player without spending money across three.

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Three players in the current market feels like a lot. It’s a strange market, after all, with clubs low on money and not wanting to take any risks. That all makes it harder for Liverpool to find the right players.

But by putting any millions they raise into one transfer and relying on internal options to cover the rest, Liverpool can effectively guarantee that they’ll improve the squad. We think it’s the safe option and the right move in a difficult summer.

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