Harry Wilson has bagged seven Premier League goals this season but he still faces a confused Liverpool future. It’s difficult to predict exactly where he’ll be – or why.

Wilson at Bournemouth

Wilson started very well at Bournemouth this season but slowed down quite dramatically. He scored in both of his first two Premier League games and then added another to make it three in his first five. Things were never going to stay quite that good, of course.

Harry Wilson rarely starts for Bournemouth.

(Photo by Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images)

But his statline still looked fantastic by the end of November – six goals in 13 Premier League games. For a winger/midfielder, that was quite extraordinary. This was his first season at this level, after all, and at a brand new club that wasn’t playing particularly well.

But Wilson has just one goals since, coming against Brighton towards the end of January. There’s also another notable problem – he hasn’t managed a single assist all season. We said that was a problem back in February and it’s a bigger one now with zero since.

And things have quite clearly tailed off, seeing as Wilson has started just once since the restart. That came in Bournemouth’s first game back but the Eddie Howe replaced him at half-time.

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Since then, Wilson hasn’t even played half an hour in a game.

Confusing times

In usual times, we’d say this didn’t look good for Wilson at Liverpool. He’s failing to get into the starting XI of a struggling side, so how could he fit into the Champions’ squad?

We’d expect a sale to a Premier League club who saw potential in his seven-goal season. But these are not usual times.

The economic downturn creates doubt that anyone will pay a decent fee for Wilson. Back in March, the Express claimed that Liverpool wanted £30m for the player.

There doesn’t appear to be any chance of that now. Instead, Liverpool have three choices.

A decision to make

So Liverpool could just sell anyway. They are highly unlikely to get anything close to £30m but if they want the money right now, that remains an option. His age (23) and seven-goal haul would create interest and so if the Reds desperately want a sale, it could happen.

But there’s no rush. Wilson signed a five-year contract back in 2018 and thus he still has three years left at the club. Liverpool can still wait this one out and hope to sell him on in better times.

If that’s the plan. Liverpool could still try to use him next season, of course, but we can’t see it happening. Even if the Reds don’t sign anyone, the apparent faith in Harvey Elliott and Curtis Jones leaves little room for Wilson.

The most likely choice, then? Another loan. A loan deal for a 23/24-year-old player with seven goals would be very tempting for many Premier League clubs. Particularly newly-promoted ones. We think Liverpool can still secure a decent loan for Wilson.

Harry Wilson leaves the pitch.

(Photo by Robin Jones – AFC Bournemouth/AFC Bournemouth via Getty Images)

And if they do, there’s always the possibility he performs well, scores some goals, and drives his price up. That appears to be the best-case scenario here and one that probably suits all parties.

Liverpool still have a possibility and Wilson remains a Liverpool player, with a slim chance of making it at Anfield. It’s a confused future but probably the sensible one.

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