What is the point? Seriously, what is the point? What is the point in FFP regulations? What is the point in ever supporting a team when other sides can just buy their way to success and flout any rules designed to protect fair competition in the sport. Today marks a grim day in football as Manchester City have had their UEFA ban overturned by CAS. The Citizens were by no means found innocent but they weren’t found guilty. Liverpool can benefit from Manchester City having their UEFA ban lifted – silver linings and all that.

Liverpool can benefit from Manchester City having their UEFA ban lifted.

Liverpool can benefit from Manchester City having their UEFA ban lifted. (Photo by Matt McNulty – Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images)

The ban that wasn’t

Football fans far and wide were rejoicing in February when it was announced that Manchester City had been banned from European competition for two years.

The general opinion was that it was a long time coming. The Manchester side had bought their way to the top table and there seemed that there was no way it was done whilst complying with FFP regulations.

How do you go from relative obscurity to being able to afford a near £1bn squad in just a decade?

The overturn

The CAS broke hearts with their decision to lift City’s UEFA ban. The Citizens weren’t exonerated but they weren’t found guilty enough to have their ban upheld.

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The phrase “time-barred” has played a crucial role in proceedings, essentially ruling that the violations the club were charged with took place too long ago to punish them.

City were still found guilty of obstructing the investigation into their wrongdoings – a move famously made by innocent parties. The club was fined €10m, how ever will they afford that?

The silver lining

Liverpool can benefit from Manchester City being able to play in Europe. Jürgen Klopp’s side humiliated City in the league this season, winning the title in record time.

With no European football next season and the embarrassment of this season still stinging, City would have focused all of their energies on retaliating in the Premier League.

Now that Guardiola’s men are allowed to take part in the Champions League they will have a busier schedule than we were anticipating and the squad will be stretched thinner. It’s a small silver lining but we’ve got to take what we can from a mess like this.

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