Reports in France claim that Liverpool are firmly in pole position for a Kalidou Koulibaly transfer. That’s despite new competition.

Le10Sport says their sources are ‘optimistic’ that Liverpool will sign Koulibaly. This comes after Paris Saint-Germain apparently backtracked on their plans and will stick with Thiago Silva.

Liverpool reportedly want Kalidou Koulibaly.

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Although, Koulibaly reportedly had no interest in going there anyway as it wasn’t an attractive prospect.

There’s supposedly new interest, too, from Newcastle United. With potential money to burn, the Magpies are hoping to make a statement transfer with Koulibaly.

Liverpool, however, remain in pole position. They could even make it happen this summer, according to the report.


What RTK has to say

There are certainly a number of reports linking Koulibaly and Liverpool now. However, none are from the English press, quite tellingly.

We still don’t know how much stock to put in these rumours. On the one hand, this move makes incredible sense as it would give Liverpool yet another world-class partnership. We detailed just what that means earlier in the week, in fact, and you can read that here.

But on the other hand, Koulibaly would cost a fortune right now. Gazzetta Dello Sport says the Reds might find a way around that by offering Dejan Lovren but the total cost would still be massive – around £87m.

Napoli are reportedly open to selling Kalidou Koulibaly.

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The Independent recently claimed that Liverpool will be cautious this summer. An £87m deal doesn’t scream ‘caution’ but then, this is a chance to sign Koulibaly to partner Virgil van Dijk – the club might not see much risk in it.

Like so much at the moment, this one is ‘wait and see’. You can’t help but feel a little excited at the prospect, though.

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