Liverpool suffered their first league defeat in 44 games this weekend. The Reds were thoroughly beaten by a Watford side who completely deserved their three points.

Liverpool fans have been making light of the defeat against Watford.

Liverpool fans have been making light of the defeat against Watford. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

The Reds went into the game with the ability to set the all time consecutive win record, they left empty handed and licking their wounds.

Despite the loss, the mood in the Liverpool fan base has been somewhat optimistic. Kopites have swiftly moved through the stages of grief, after reaching acceptance the lads have quickly reached ‘have a laugh about it’.

Thankfully, Scousers were blessed with a caustic sense of humour – there’s no point dwelling on the defeat, particularly when we’ll still win the league with ease.

It’s time to just have a see the funny side of it and get on with the business of winning the title with a record amount of points. We still love these Reds and we will do until the end. Liverpool fans on Twitter have been having a laugh about and finding consolation in the first defeat.

Transalpino found consolation in the fact that we won’t be reminded of the day every year, thanks to daylight savings.

Another fan joked about the level of celebration we’re likely to see from the rest of the league.

Whilst this fan made light of how big of a result the defeat was for Arsenal supporters.


Micky Quinn invoked the late, great Bill Shankly. His words ring truer than ever.

A neutral fan made sure that the might of this Liverpool side wasn’t overlooked because of one defeat.

Whilst this Kopite was immediately looking ahead to the end goal.

The Anfield Wrap put it best. These Reds mate.

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