Jurgen Klopp gave a brief explanation of his winning plan on Friday and it sounds simple – but Klopp’s method is anything but.

“We just have to fight for each inch of grass in that game again and if we do that, we are difficult to play,” Klopp said ahead of the Watford game, per Liverpoolfc.com. “If we are difficult to play, we have a chance to win. If we have a chance to win, we should use it.”

Jurgen Klopp has turned Liverpool into a machine.

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That does pretty much sum up how Liverpool play every game. High energy, high commitment and making sure the percentages work in their favour.

That is Liverpool. By doing the hard work, they ensure teams struggle to get the better of them. And if the other team isn’t matching that, Liverpool have a better chance of winning.

It’s all very simple and makes complete sense – it truly is the crux of this Liverpool team. So if that’s the case, why doesn’t everyone do it?

It’s because that plan is incredibly difficult to pull off every week. Now, we’ve seen plenty of games this season where teams have matched Liverpool in that regard and the Reds pull out a win by virtue of having better players or a better plan.


But nine times out of then, teams don’t match it.

And the effort that takes is truly extraordinary. It means Liverpool are not only physically exhausting themselves but also mentally. Staying focused for 90 minutes multiple times a week is draining.

More than that, it’s incredibly easy to let that focus slip when you’re almost guaranteed to win the title. Then there’s the belief side of it – how do you keep players believing that the extra effort is worth it, even when things aren’t going your way?

Sadio Mane found a late winner for Liverpool.

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And yet, Liverpool still push to win every game and overwhelm opponents accordingly. Klopp’s method asks an enormous amount of his players. Somehow, though, he gets that commitment out of them and he gets it in every single game.

No one else is capable of that and that’s why Liverpool are so far ahead in the Premier League.

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