There are a good few Liverpool players fighting for their future this season. Reported transfer plans suggest we’ll see changes in the summer.

Here are three of those at risk of replacement, costing a reported combined £75.97m.

Divock Origi can force his way into that second leg against Atletico Madrid.

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Divock Origi

The Independent claimed recently that Liverpool are looking at RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner. If true, that’s a disaster for Origi’s future at the club.

For Werner isn’t just a striker but a player who fills the exact same role as the £10m Origi. Both of them like to stick predominantly to the left, cutting and drifting inside. With rotation, both fill the striker and left-wing roles. They’re also both direct, quick forwards.

It’s impossible to see how Liverpool would have room for both without a significant change of tactics. What Origi needs to do, then, is prove that he is too good to let go and that he’s versatile enough for both players to fit. Otherwise, he could be easily replaced.

Xherdan Shaqiri

It might be too late for Shaqiri anyway, especially with Takumi Minamio’s arrival. While they’re certainly not identical players, Minamino can fill a similar role already.


Making things even tougher is that Shaqiri is out injured. He has been for quite a chunk of the season, in fact, and that makes his place in the squad very suspect.

Should he return and prove he can be a useful squad player, though, Liverpool may think twice on Shaqiri. A well-valued squad player is a difficult thing to find, after all, and he could save the club some cash. They’re unlikely to find anyone as good for the £13m they paid for him.

Naby Keita

Keita is clearly very talented – Liverpool paid £52.97m for him for a reason – but has yet to show the most important thing. Namely, he hasn’t put together an extended period of consistent form. That’s worrying, seeing as this is his second year with the club.

Every other midfield option has done that at some point or another. Keita, though, remains a doubt.

Naby Keita has an opportunity to show what he can do.

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Of all the ‘doubted’ Liverpool players, Keita is the most likely to have a future at Anfield. But with talk of Kai Havertz interest, any arrival of the German would leave Keita in a difficult position.

As the least-reliable midfield option, Keita would be under threat.

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