Jurgen Klopp spoke of his delight at the intensity of Liverpool’s training this week. It’s something that should worry both Norwich City and Atletico Madrid.

“The dream of a manager is that you have a full week to prepare a game, then you have intensity in training sessions which you usually cannot have – usually the most intense session is the game in a training week if you play Saturday, Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday again,” said Klopp, per the Liverpool official site.

Daniel Farke will face Jurgen Klopp again this Saturday.

Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

“The three games are the only intense sessions you have really, the rest is tactical stuff, which is very important but never intense or never at the highest intensity. That’s now exactly the other way around, so we used that week, we trained a lot, we trained hard.”

It’s always amazing when Klopp or someone at Liverpool reveals that things haven’t been ideal. The Reds are 22 points clear at the top of the Premier League, after all – that certainly seems ideal.

But Klopp hasn’t even had training the way he wants it. Too many games – particularly throughout December/January – put a stop to that.

Liverpool had to play an incredible amount of games over that time and it disrupted things. Not their form, incredibly enough, but some games were only two or three days apart. That’s enough time for a bit of rest and some ‘tactical stuff’ as Klopp says – no room for intensity, then.


This winter break provided the necessary time, though. You can see Klopp’s delight, too, describing it as a ‘dream’ to have such preparation.

And that’s why both Norwich and Atletico should worry. They’re going to face a fully prepared Liverpool and not many teams have had to do that.

Liverpool have almost miraculously kept up their near-perfect form despite constant games an ill-preparation.

Diego Simeone and Atletico Madrid are Liverpools Champions League opponents.

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Now, however, they’ve had the rest and recuperation necessary to hit hard over these next two games. We may even see the best Liverpool of the season so far. One that’s fully prepared, fully fit, and has the rhythm you only find when you’re into the season.

If Norwich and Atletico were worried about their chances before, they should be very worried now.

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