The Reds are top of the league and they absolutely hate it. They, of course, being all of them. All of them, of course, being bitter fans that refuse to acknowledge the sheer brilliance of Jürgen Klopp’s Reds. Twitter has rinsed a Manchester City fan after he phoned in to BBC Radio FiveLive.

The call to Robbie Savage was absolutely hilarious. This disgruntled Citizen complained at length about Liverpool having “the most fortunate season since the start of the Premier League”.

He went on to cry about injuries to his side, weeping at the loss of Leroy Sane (who was reportedly set for Bayern Munich anyway) and Aymeric Laporte. He asked what would happen if Liverpool had suffered with any injuries at all – gosh, we are lucky to have had an injury free season, aren’t we?

The bottom of the barrel was scraped for ammunition as he dragged up the Bernardo Silva handball – oh wait – sorry, the Trent Alexander-Arnold handball. I always get them confused because they were so close together. This incident was compared to the Caglar Soyuncu handball when we took on Leicester City. I can’t even be bothered explaining that one. I’m tired. Why don’t they get it?

Twitter has rinsed the Manchester City fan for his bitter comments.

Of course, the first contention is that we’ve had more than our fair share of injuries this season.

Why can’t they just look at the stats and appreciate this unprecedented side?


One fan insisted that these fans need to be looking closer to home when directing their anger.

Thankfully, there was one Manchester City fan pointing out how absurd the caller was.

One supporter pointed out that this is an attitude typically expressed by fans of mega rich, entitled sides.

But of course – they’ve had the most luck in history haven’t they?

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