Andy Robertson has deactivated his Twitter account and many Reds fans should be hanging their head in shame. The Scotland captain conceded the crucial penalty as Napoli defeated Liverpool 2-0 in Naples. The decision was incredibly harsh, Jose Callejon knocked the ball past Robbo and jumped into him, there is a strong case to be made that the Napoli winger bought the pen with a dive. To see Andy Robertson deactivate his Twitter after last night’s game is an incredibly sad sight. We love you Robbo.

Andy Robertson deactivated his Twitter account.

Andy Robertson deactivated his Twitter account. (Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The Kop has a special place in its heart for Andy Robertson. I am comfortable in the knowledge that those going to Anfield for every home game won’t have been the ones abusing our left back. The player has shown a level of determination and heart that Kopites have been screaming for in the last decade, with very few players bar Steven Gerrard playing with their heart on their sleeve in the manner that Robbo does. Who can forget his gut busting press against Manchester City?


There is often much said about the difference between proper Scousers that support Liverpool and fans around the world. The truth is that if you love the club with all your heart then you are a proper Liverpool fan. However, you are most certainly not a fan of my club, our club, if you take to Twitter to heap abuse on one of our most loved defenders of recent times because of a poor refereeing decision. If you want to be a proper Liverpool fan, you don’t behave like a Chelsea fan.

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