We said how Michael Owen would never be a Liverpool legend and it looks like it may be true.

According to the Mirror, the former Newcastle player has implied that Liverpool fans should not hate him for moving to Manchester United.

(Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

The horse racing pundit had compared his moves to Man United and Real Madrid similar to an individual ‘leaving Sainsbury’s for Tesco’. He said fans should not criticise him for leaving when fans have made “similar moves in [their] careers.” (Daily Mirror)


“They accuse the player of lacking loyalty […] and yet the reality is, this is someone moving from one job to another, often with the aim of bettering themselves professionally and to look after their family.” (Daily Mirror)

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We all understand that players have to do what is best for their families or careers. We do respect that aspect of Owen’s choice. However, there are a few things that can be questioned with his statement:

  1. His job depends on the fans- they are the ones who paid his wages. Without the club’s fanbase, he would not have the opportunities he had been given.

2.  We had a right to be angry at him choosing Man Utd. For years, we have listened to the Red Devils torment              our team, our community with vile jibes and songs. What was even worse was how he had the choice to                    come back to Liverpool and he rejected us for them. Of course his decision was going to upset LFC fans.

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Liverpool fans don’t hate players for leaving the club, especially if they have valid reasons for doing so. However, players cannot expect fans to not be outraged if they move to their rivals.

Going to Manchester United may have been good for his career, but he shouldn’t be surprised he lost the respect of our supporters.

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