If Ferguson got a knighthood then Bob Paisley should have too
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If Ferguson got a knighthood then Bob Paisley should have too

There have been very few Liverpool members who have been acknowledged by the government for their hard work. Yet, one of the individuals they failed to recognise is Bob Paisley.

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You’re probably wondering why Bob Paisley has not been awarded a knighthood.

I was wondering that too the other day, particularly after the legacy he built into our club. Turns out that Liverpool fans tried to petition for the six time League winner to get his title- only to be denied by Blair, who said “it could only be given during someone’s lifetime” (BBC News).

So here is another question: why didn’t they award him one when he was alive?

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Paisley was one of the greatest managers in the world. The Englishman had won 20 trophies within nine seasons, including six League Championships and one Super Cup. Not only did also help Liverpool win three European Cups, but he was the first manager in the world to do so (an honour beheld by Zidane and Ancelotti since).

However, it is baffling that Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton were awarded knighthoods because of their contributions to football broke club and history records. If this is the case then surely this should have earned him knighthood?

How did Alex Ferguson get a knighthood for his contributions to football and not Paisley? (Photo by Pressefoto Ulmerullstein bild via Getty Images)

I don’t believe that managers should get honorary titles for winning trophies. They should earn them, like Sir Kenny Dalglish.

It’s actually shocking that it took this long to bestow the title on the Scotsman, especially with the contributions he has made to The Marina Dalglish Appeal and the support he gave to the families of the Hillsborough disaster.

Dalglish’s honour was given 20 years after Ferguson’s, which is bizarre. Dalglish made far more of a positive impact on football working with the community compared to Ferguson or Charlton. This is what a knighthood should be about- not because they broke a record.

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The government should give posthumous awards out as it sometimes takes a while to appreciate all the good made by the people who are gone. I don’t think they should be awarded to individuals because they won a competition, but I do see the double standard of Ferguson’s and Charlton’s knighthoods.

If they got the honour for football, then Bob Paisley should have too.



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