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'One of the best England players': Owen heaps praise on Liverpool legend

Michael Owen played with some of the best players in modern history thanks to his time at Liverpool, Real Madrid and some Lancashire side whose name escapes me.

The former boy wonder recently spoke with the BBC and rounded up the best England players since he 1998 his debut. Steven Gerrard appeared in midfield alongside Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard. Owen positioned Scholes at the base of the midfield three, a bizarre choice. Scholes couldn’t tackle a fishing rod.

They don’t make England players like Gerrard anymore. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Speaking about his former Liverpool and England teammate, the pundit was full of praise. “If I was playing the biggest game of my life tomorrow, the first person I’d probably take into battle would be Stevie,” The racehorse owner revealed.

One of the most important aspects of Gerrard’s play was…well…everything. The Scouse hero was known for being world class at every part of the game, as shown throughout his versatile career. This dynamism isn’t lost on the 2001 Ballon D’or winner – he continued, “he could do everything…There wasn’t anything really that he couldn’t do”.

Perhaps the key reason that England’s ‘Golden Generation’ never achieved their potential was the Lampard/Gerrard conundrum. The Hadron Collider is still working on the problem. The pair couldn’t play together in centre midfield, Lampard was too attack minded and Gerrard was wasted if asked to sit. Owen echoed these sentiments: “The only thing you could expose him with is if you ask him to sit in midfield because he’s just too good for it”. He concluded, “he’s genuinely one of the best England players to have lived”.

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