Liverpool v Europe: The top five comebacks ranked
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Liverpool v Europe: The top five comebacks ranked

Which European comeback has been the best for Liverpool?

5. Liverpool v Olympiakos (Anfield, 2004)

Liverpool had a battle ahead of them. After their 1-0 defeat at Olympiakos, the team had to win by two clear goals. Their chances didn’t look good as Olympiakos got another, meaning we had to score three.

However, the Reds managed to claw back a victory. With goals from Pongolle, Mellor and a late one from Gerrard, Liverpool advanced to the knockout stages.

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4. Liverpool v Borussia Dortmund (Anfield, 2016)

After the first leg finished 1-1, Liverpool had an advantage over Borussia Dortmund.

At least, we did until we saw Borussia Dortmund go 1-3. Lucky for us, Coutinho’s strike and Sakho’s great header showed the Reds would not go down without a fight. It appeared that Liverpool’s luck was about to run out until Lovren scored in the last minute.

Leading 5-4 on aggregate, the Reds advanced to the Europa League semi-finals.

3. Liverpool v Saint Etienne (Anfield, 1977)

Similar to Olympiacos, Liverpool were trailing behind a 1-0 defeat. However, the Reds weren’t completely out of the game when a goal from Keegan provided a bit of hope. Even though Saint Etienne equalised, Liverpool pushed on and scored another two goals.

Liverpool would then go on to win the Champions League for the first time.

2. Liverpool v Barcelona (Anfield, 2019)

With Salah out injured and Liverpool having to score four goals, it didn’t look like Liverpool had a chance. However, fortune was on our side this night.

Divock Origi’s opener in the first ten minutes was the spark that reignited our hope. However, it was the second half that made it spread like a wildfire. With Wijnaldum causing havoc in their defence as well as Trent’s quick thinking, Liverpool defeated the La Liga champions 4-0 to advance to the finals.

Let’s enjoy that corner-kick again.

1. AC Milan v Liverpool (Istanbul, 2005)

This was the night Liverpool clinched their fifth European cup after winning 2-3 on penalties. The Red men didn’t have a lucky start as AC Milan dominated the first half. There was no doubt Liverpool fans felt deflated when we were 3-0  down at half-time. However, we were about to witness a great miracle.

Or should I say a number of miracles in the form of Gerrard, Smicer and Alonso.

With the score now 3-3, the Red men’s would not give up. Their hard work then paid off as they became Champions of Europe once again, winning 2-3 on pens.

That will be a night I’ll never forget.


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