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Dear Man United fans: An open letter from a Liverpool fan

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Dear Man United fans,

It didn’t have to be this way. If you had stuck with David Moyes, you wouldn’t be struggling like this. You wanted too much too fast. When Sir Alex Ferguson left you needed stability. You needed time to rebuild. Chopping and changing managers and trying to plug the gaps with money was never going to work – trust us, we know. We appointed Roy Hodgson and spent £35m on Andy Carroll. So yes, we know.

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Man United fans chased Moyes out when he could’ve steadied the ship. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Did you not see the warning signs? You spent years laughing at us when you knocked us off our f*cking perch. Did you never realise we slipped off? Moyes could have steadied the ship, you chased him out because you weren’t used to not winning.

When things get this dire, sentimentality clouds judgement. Fans start looking at heroes of the past in sepia tone, prescribing infallibility to them. We fell for it, so you shouldn’t have. Newcastle fell for it, so you shouldn’t have.

We get it. When a club legend comes back and starts doing okay, you feel great. You feel like the tide is turning. Finally – it’s the end of the bad times. We felt like that when Sir Kenny Dalglish came home. We won a trophy, you knocked out a team that look great in League One. Sorry – Ligue 1. We finished 8th under Dalglish, where will you finish?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should have been given until the end of last season, then thanked for his service and replaced. Mauricio Pochettino is the one man in the world that could save Manchester United. He would cost you a lot of money – Ole would cost a lot to sack.

You have made your bed with mawkish songs of Ole being at the wheel. Now you have to lie in this bed; this 6th place, £47m Fred bed.

Man United fans, it didn’t have to be this way. You’ll come back one day, just not for a while.


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