James Milner has faced a backlash from some Manchester City fans after it was announced he would participate in Vincent Kompany’s testimonial.

The 33-year-old will be part of the Manchester City Legends, since he played for the club between 2011-2015. During these years, he helped the team earn numerous trophies. These included two Premier League titles, an FA Cup as well as an EFL cup (transfermarkt).

However, some City fans seem to have forgotten this as they took to Twitter to express their outrage at Milner’s inclusion.

Some fans’ hostility towards Milner is supposedly due to the fact that the midfielder ran down his contract to get a bonus from Liverpool.  This could be further from the truth as Milner played in the majority of City’s games near the end of the 14/15 campaign (transfermarkt). This doesn’t look like a man who “disrespected” the club. If anything, he looks like the committed Milner we all know and love.

Another reason they claim to dislike the Englishman is because he supported United in the Manchester derby  last year. I mean, how dare the Liverpool vice-captain want City, the other title contenders, to get beaten. It’s appalling.

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This is why I think they take the rivalry too seriously sometimes, particularly in the last few days. Some City fans have taken their pettiness a step further by petitioning to have Milner removed from the testimonial. On your timeline, you may come across some City fans tweeting #MilnersNotWelcome

#MilnersNotWelcome is absolutely ridiculous.

For one, this testimony has got nothing to do with either teams, it’s about Vincent Kompany. Two, Kompany chose to have Milner on the squad so there’s no point in the fans complaining to the club to have him removed. Three, it’s for charity.

Could they seriously not put the rivalry to rest for one day? Even we know when to put aside our grudges aside, like with Fernando Torres after he returned to Anfield for the All-Star charity game.

After all these years, they should let go of this unwarranted grudge because Milner deserves nothing but respect from the club.

I’m glad he came to a club where he can be appreciated.

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