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Why Liverpool fans wear Bayern Munich merchandise

Scousers have always had a unique sense of style. It was Liverpool fans that first popularised Adidas in the UK. Reds fans would go abroad for European Cup games and return with bags full of the latest French and Italian designer sportswear. The trend soon took off and exploded into what is now known as “Casual Culture”.

Liverpool fans wearing badges of honour isn’t new but it’s taken on a new form. (Photo credit should read PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Liverpool fans are still going to the game dressed uniquely. The latest trend in matchday attire is even more revolutionary than that of the 70s and 80s. If you look around Anfield before kickoff, you will see dozens of Liverpool fans emblazoned with other clubs’ merchandise.

Why wear the badge of a team you don’t support? The trend is indicative of the mentality that Jürgen Klopp has instilled in not only the players but also the fans. Defiance.

The Kop is full of Bayern Munich caps, Borussia Dortmund jackets, Barcelona swag. The Kop is full of the spoils of victory, badges of honour. Reds fans are not telling the opposition who they are up against – they’re showing them. They are up against a team that put 3 past Bayern at the Allianz, that broke Dortmund hearts and defied the odds by trouncing Messi’s Barcelona 4-0. These accessories also serve as tributes to greats, displays of affection. Atletico Madrid caps are donned in memory of Fernando Torres, Dortmund hats were sported nearly immediately to welcome the gaffer.

Scousers have always had unique ways of expressing themselves. We don’t have to tell you we love you – we’ll dress like it. We don’t have to tell you we’ll beat you – just look at the outfit.

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