Peter Stevenson explains why Liverpool fans might not be enjoying Liverpool’s winning form as much as they should at the moment.

I think I’d like to revise my previous comments that we need to be more swashbuckling and more attractive to watch.

To be perfectly honest I’m not really sure what I want. Can’t we just put every team to the sword and win comfortably? Some fans have expressed the regret that they aren’t enjoying our games and I’m inclined to agree with them to a large extent.

But that’s not just down to the large amounts of stress that come hand in hand with watching our games, it’s more to do with how teams actually decided to play against us.

Only a handful of games this season have been objectively enjoyable to watch. Both Arsenal games, the Man Utd game and the game away against Man City were some of the more entertaining due to the high level of quality and pace of the matches.

Nobody enjoys watching one team put 11 men behind the ball and try to hit the other team on the counter-attack. Even Chelsea put a lot of players behind the ball at Stamford Bridge against us, such is the level of fear we instil in our opponents.

The last two games have come with a certain amount of lethargy in the first half and were at times very difficult to watch.

When a team puts 11 behind the ball you need tempo and quick interchanging of passes to open them up but that was lacking in both first half performances. It’s also likely that the message from the boss has also been one of patience so then it’s difficult for the players to understand that they need to play the game at a faster tempo but also to remain patient.

What normally happens is, the players play at such a pace that the opposition find it easy to close down spaces and get more men behind the ball. Two big tests have been overcome but there are 15 more still remaining on the schedule.


We now reach the moment in the season where the teams near the relegation zone become extremely dangerous, those mid-table tend to fold easily while those at the top, if not distracted by European endeavours, can certainly be tricky.

The trickiest of which looks to be Man Utd at Old Trafford, with them now discovering some form.

Looking back at the game at Anfield there was what appeared to be a large gulf in class but that was the work of one Jose Mourinho. That doesn’t mean that the game should hold any fear for us and hopefully we’ll approach it like any other tough away game against a top side.

Everton away could also be another potential banana skin. Both Everton and Man Utd fans have been extra vocal on social media recently wishing we don’t win the league so that adds an extra bit of spice to the games.

Hopefully a little holiday in Dubai will give some players the time needed to recover from knocks because as things stand now we’re a bit thin.

It will have no doubt put a smile on every Liverpool supporter’s face to see Alex Oxlade Chamberlain back training with the team.

To suffer such an injury blow at a defining point in our season last year and also miss the World Cup when he was in arguably the best form of his career must have been crushing.

I don’t think too many people would begrudge him a little bit of success this season. Here’s to hoping!

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