South American football expert Tim Vickery believes that the lack of support that Philippe Coutinho is receiving at Barcelona might have a lot to do with his struggles.

The former Liverpool midfielder completed a staggering £142million move to Barcelona a year ago and it should have been a fairytale story for the Brazilian after that point as it was always his dream to join the Catalans.

However, for a number of reasons (some perhaps unknown) Coutinho has struggled this season and there has been a number of stories suggesting he could leave at the end of the season.

Some claims even point towards a move to Liverpool’s biggest rivals Manchester United and South American football expert Tim Vickery believes Jurgen Klopp or his absence may have something to do with Coutinho’s demise.

Speaking to TalkSport’s Trans Euro Express, Vickery argued that the Brazilian is at a “crossroads” in his career as he is not given the same clarity over his role within the club as he was at Liverpool.


With the Reds, he was always aware that he was one of the best players in the side and was guaranteed playing time. When Klopp first came in, Coutinho mainly operated as a left wing but in his final season at Liverpool, he was playing centrally and had clarity over his role within the side.

As Vickery explains, he arrived at Barcelona with the impression that he would be Iniesta’s heir but he has never operated in the same way. Furthermore, Klopp is famous for his ability to motivate and instil confidence in players and with Coutinho, this is just not happening at Barcelona and as a result, his form has taken an enormous knock.

Additionally, the Anfield crowd adores its best players and rarely reacts badly to a player in bad form but at Barcelona, a prolonged period of poor form is often responded to with whistles and a general lack of support.

For Coutinho this has been a shock it would seem.

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