A snippet from Fekir’s interview with LFCTV has been leaked and it’s devastating

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Another screenshot from Nabil Fekir’s interview with LFCTV from the summer has been leaked and no matter your stance on the saga, the findings are heartbreaking.

You might argue that although Nabil Fekir missed out on what was billed as his ‘dream move’ to Liverpool in the summer over injury concerns, he still enjoyed himself as he returned from Russia as a world champion.

That said, football moves quickly and his World Cup triumph with France will already be at the back of his mind as he looks forward to the next success of his career and after the drama with Liverpool, he might have regrets that he can’t look forward to these with the Reds.

For me, what makes this all the more heartbreaking is that he had conducted an interview with LFCTV under the impression that he was a Liverpool player or would be very soon. A snippet from his interview with the club’s TV channel has been leaked and it’s heartbreaking to read.

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Leaked on Reddit, a screenshot has been shared of a video that has been privated on the club’s official YouTube channel which shows Fekir in Liverpool’s training kit for the 2018/19 season.

In the screenshot of the video, the Frenchman apparently says: “I’m really happy to wear such a prestigious shirt for a club of this size…”

It’s my opinion that the full video of the interview conducted with LFCTV will eventually get leaked and that will only further reveal how immersed Fekir was in the thought of becoming a Liverpool player.

Regardless of whether or not you still want Fekir to join Liverpool, there’s no getting past how devastating it must have been for the player to learn that his move to Merseyside had been derailed.


  1. I reckon we overstepped the mark again and were forced to backtrack and coverup everything because we hadn’t finalised fee etc with Lyon. The knee injury rumour is probably just an excuse…and part of the cover up. You’d think we’d learn from previous experiences not to jump the gun. 🙁

  2. Well, he can only blame one person: that moron of a club president who thought he has hit the jack pot and played with the future of a young man.
    If I was Fekir, I would have played the ‘Coutinho bad back BS’ and not played unit Jan and then moved.

  3. dont care.move on .dont need him dont want him.he may be good but he will never play,we will end up paying him millions to sit on a treatment table.i hope to never see him in an lfc shirt.


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