Why Liverpool should sell Adam Lallana after fresh injury setback

Alex Rogers discusses whether or not Adam Lallana offers much value to the current Liverpool squad after the Englishman suffered yet another injury.

Throughout a season, many things can factor into a team’s success on the field. Be it from a great coaching staff, good comradery or just a fantastic star player, teams can do a number of things to try and improve their chances of success.

However, sometimes life can throw up something unexpected and you’re forced to adapt. It’s how you can adapt to these unforeseen situations that can change a good season into a great one. One such thing that nearly every team in the world will have to face at some point in a season are injuries.

Injuries are a funny thing. Some people can go through their entire career without any serious problems while others are plagued with injuries despite actively trying to avoid one.

Take Adam Lallana, for example.

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On his day, Lallana can be a great player. Unfortunately, Lallana hasn’t been on “his day” in over a year for us. That could be simply because he’s underperforming or, more than likely because he’s always on the backend of an injury.

Last season, Adam missed 32 games through a reoccurring hamstring injury and has just pulled out from the England national team training camp with a suspected hamstring problem. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious but if history is anything to go by, this may not be the last time we hear about Adam’s dodgy hamstrings.


At this point in time, Lallana seems to have little to no chance of being a consistent starter for us anymore. At best it seems he’d be a good option off the bench but even that seems to be a bit out of reach.

With competition in midfield rife and with Lallana seeming to be an injury magnet, it seems that it’s time to ask the question if it hasn’t been asked already: what does Lallana bring to the team anymore?

It’s never nice when a player gets an injury and the best thing to do is to support them through their recovery to get them back to their best. However, when it’s getting to the point where, if you’re no longer a reliable player to be called upon due to your injury proneness, questions are undoubtedly going to be asked.

Now, I’m not saying that we should bin Adam because of his injury proneness. No, I’m saying because of his injury record, he’s not a reliable player to be called upon any more and that’s not something that Liverpool need. We need players we can rely upon to put in a shift and while Adam can put in a shift when called upon when fit, there are a plethora of players who can put in a better shift and more reliably.

At the end of the day, as much as Lallana is a great bloke with a fantastic attitude, it’s seeming ever more likely that his time may be up for us. Maybe if he was more fortunate to avoid injury this would be a different article but it’s not.

I don’t actively want to get rid of him but most fans would agree that it would probably be best for both club and player to part ways.

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