Why Alisson is Liverpool's most important summer signing

Alex Rogers discusses whether or not Alisson Becker can win the Premier League golden glove this season after keeping two clean sheets in his first two games.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a soft spot for goalkeepers. Where a striker can have one moment of brilliance and be hailed a hero, all it takes is one mistake for a goalkeeper to be seen as a villain.

When I was younger, I always wonder who would actually want to be a goalkeeper. I think the goalkeeping gods were looking down on me that day and that’s why I was made to be a goalkeeper for my high school team.

I realised then that it takes a lot of courage to be the last line of defence. While for a majority of the game I’d be doing nothing, it didn’t mean that I wasn’t being eaten alive by nerves. Will I make a mistake? Will I save the next shot on goal? Will I be blamed for losing? Fortunately, I never grew past 5ft 8 so my goalkeeping career was short-lived.

Everyone knows that you have to be a bit crazy to be a goalkeeper. Having to dive head first into a sea of boots and having balls pelted at you at a million miles per hour isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, after all. Not everyone can do it.

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But I’ll tell you who can do it. Alisson Ramses Becker can.


If we had played Crystal Palace in the exact same game a year ago, we would’ve most likely struggled. As well as heroic efforts from van Dijk and co,  Alisson began to really show just why we splashed the cash to secure his signature.

Making a few great saves, especially from a free kick, the presence of a calm and collected goalie was a sight to behold. After years of never fully being able to fully trust our goalkeepers, I’m ready to say after only seeing Alisson play two Premier League games for us, that I’d be willing to put my life in his hands.

What has surprised me the most about our new Brazilian goalie, is his distribution. My God, this guy could find anything with his passing! Mo Salah’s big toe, the Holy Grail, even my dad! His kicking is something I’ve not seen from a Liverpool goalkeeper since cult hero Pepe Reina.

Alisson attempted 23 passes in the game against Crystal Palace and completed 21 of them which is crazy for a goalkeeper! For comparison, Wayne Hennessey only completed 42% of his passes. The Brazilian even made a successful pass into the opposition’s box from his own box!

With Karius all but confirmed to be loaned out to Besiktas, nothing and no one will be challenging for Alisson’s spot. Yes, it’s so early on in the season but Alisson has all the makings to become one of the best in his position in the league, if not the world.

Our whole defence now has a calming aura about it. Long gone are the days of panic whenever a team played into our final third. No, if they can even get past our fantastic back four, they have to compete against our colossal goalie.

This is the reason why Alisson is the only starting goalkeeper in the league to not concede a goal yet. It’s not farfetched to say that we could even see a golden glove winner at the club this season.

Out of all our new acquisitions, Alisson is undoubtedly the most important and if there’s anyone I want diving headfirst into a swarm of studs, it’s the former AS Roma man.

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