What can Liverpool fans realistically expect this season?

Jurgen Klopp

Scott Groom has a look at what Liverpool fans could expect from the 2018/19 season after a truly impressive transfer window.

As is the same case on the dawn of every new season, excitement has reached a fever-pitch as Liverpool’s season opener with West Ham edges ever closer.

After a summer window of big name, big money signings, Reds are right to be itching to see the lads back in action. Add to this the fact that Klopp’s side secured a second successive top-four finish and a Champions League final which ultimately ended in disaster.

Combine all of those things together, and you can see why fans are setting their sights high – as they rightly should.

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But are we in danger of letting our expectations run away with ourselves? Are our imaginations becoming a bit untethered?

What fans can expect that is not beyond the pale of imagination is a third top four finish in a row – this has become a given now. If success is to continue to be built at Anfield, Champions League football is a must.

Not only does it help the Club financially thus in turn in the transfer market, as well as attracting some of the top players in world football, it’s what Liverpool is all about.

Those special nights under the lights, the Champions League anthem blasting and The Kop in full voice – incredible.

However, without sounding too pompous, Liverpool should be there. Achieving top four status should almost be a given rather than a big win. So that is something we should be realistically looking for.

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But what else, I hear you cry? Trophies would be the ideal scenario.

To build on that final in Kiev and go one step further to lift some silverware of any description would be incredible. To get that winning feeling back for the first time since the League Cup triumph over Cardiff City in 2012 would be unparalleled.

But to expect a Premier League crown… it’s going to be difficult. I am not writing Liverpool off by any means, but if they’re to usurp City who many are tipping to retain their title, Klopp must find a new level of consistency that has been a little missing in previous seasons.

I fully expect the Reds to push City more relentlessly than anyone did last season, but they need to maintain that surge to the end of the season – which I believe they will.

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Going back to silverware, the FA Cup would be an achievement and something to remember the season by, and I don’t think a sixth Champions League crown is out the question, as the format of the competition, the squad’s experience of last season’s run and the summer window strengthening mean they could be in a great position to go all the way again.

I think a trophy is on the horizon, as is a title fight but to expect all of these things is a bit pie in the sky.


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