Simon Mignolet or Loris Karius - Who should be Liverpool's number two?

Alex Rogers analyses Liverpool’s goalkeeping situation now that Alisson is the Reds’ no.1 and wonders who should be second choice.

With reports widely claiming that Mignolet is on the move with Barcelona being interested in signing the Belgian, it begs the question: would that be ideal from a Liverpool point of view?

With Karius having one of the, if not the most, troubling periods of his professional career and with Mignolet nowhere in contention for the number one spot anymore, it’s time to assess who would be the better second choice goalie?

Now, Migs has been at the club a while now and had been Liverpool’s first choice for pretty much all his time at Liverpool, but that doesn’t mean his career has gone smoothly.

The Belgian is susceptible to an absolute howler every now and again which would be forgivable if it weren’t for the fact he’s prone to doing it a tad too much for a keeper playing for a club challenging for Champions League and Premier League honours.

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But that’s no to say he’s not good. He’s actually a very good player! However, clubs like Man United, Tottenham and Chelsea have world class goalkeepers. As much as Mignolet can be a quality player on his day, he hasn’t, and probably never will be, considered world class and for a team with prospects and goals as big as ours, a world class goalie is a must.


And as much as it tugs on my heart strings because he is actually a great guy going through an awful time in his life, Karius had his chance and he blew it. He didn’t just blow it, he utterly fucked it.

It’s depressing as he actually had a really good six months as our no.1 and changed the opinions of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of Liverpool fans.

Then the Champions League final came along.

I’m not going to go in depth about the final considering he had a concussion and it should be considered when assessing his personal performance and it doesn’t really matter what happened.

All that matters is that his head’s gone.


His confidence hit rock bottom and it’s painstakingly obvious that he’s struggling with it. There’s no chance that a man with a mindset like that should be Liverpool’s number one.

But, should he be the number two? Someone has to do it and both Karius and Mignolet are both good enough to be great first choices somewhere else.

Migs’ career at Liverpool has been turbulent and rocky at times but he would be one of the league’s best second choice keepers but the allure of being Barcelona’s second choice would be enough to turn the head of any ageing goalie wanting a new challenge.

Karius, on the other hand, is still young. He has time on his side and it’s not out of the realms of possibility that he could displace Alisson. It’s not very likely, I admit, but you have to consider that that would be his goal at this point. And his goal seems near about impossible.

He also would be a fantastic second choice in the league. He would have time to get his head together and end up as a really solid, reliable goalkeeper for us.

But, a young, ambitious guy not even in the prime of his career will want to be a starter and Karius could definitely be a starter at another club. Essentially, both players could do a great job as second choice, however.

It’s a tricky one. I would sell Mignolet and keep Karius as he has that room to improve and learn from this while Mignolet does not as much.

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