Has Fenway Sports Group's ownership been good for Liverpool FC?

Alex Rogers discusses whether or not Fenway Sports Group have been as bad at managing Liverpool as has been made out over the last few years.

Talking about Liverpool owners FSG has been a touchy subject among Liverpool fans for many years now. Some people don’t mind them, some people HATE them and not many love them but whatever your personal view is of them, you can’t deny that they’ve divided the fan base for a while.

Fenway Sports Group has had its criticisms over the years, with a lot of it valid and deserved, but as this window gets closer and closer to the end and the new season is just over the horizon, I think it’s time to step back and assess FSG’s reign and ask ourselves: “have they really been THAT bad”?

The Americans took over Liverpool FC in 2010 and started off their optimistic run in charge with the man, the myth, the legend, Roy Hodgson.

FSG’s second season in charge with club legend Kenny Dalglish at the helm was a season of highs and lows which ended with the mighty Liverpool finishing in an impressive EIGHTH place finish and also losing a final. Hmmm.

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Well, running a club isn’t easy so mistakes are bound to happen so we mustn’t judge too early. Anyway, if FSG know anything about anything, it’s buying exciting young prospects like their other property, The Boston Red Sox, have experienced. Without FSG, we wouldn’t have been truly blessed with the ambitious signings of upcoming superstars such as Lazar Markovic, Rickie Lambert AND Fabio Borini.

Ok, I know I’m being highly critical of FSG but I’m being so because I love my club. However, I’m not an idiot and I’m not ignoring the positives they’ve brought us, of which there are many.

In eight short years, Liverpool’s value has skyrocketed. FSG bought Liverpool FC for £300million in 2010. Well, the club is now valued, as a brand, at 1.2 BILLION POUNDS! That’s mental! In just eight years the value of the club has increased quadruple the amount! Compared to 2017, the value has also increased by 30%.

Couple that with a fancy new stand and potential plans for even more renovations at Anfield and it’s starting to seem that maybe these American owners of ours actually do care about us?

I know all the positives I’ve just mentioned are all to do with values and stadium expansions and nothing to do with our football which, to most people, is the most important factor.

Well, surprisingly, in the last few years FSG have begun to make some good football related changes! I know, crazy! The biggest and most important change coming in the shape of a charismatic German. Klopp. Possibly the greatest decision made by FSG in their reign. Signing Klopp changed everything.

One of FSG’s biggest criticisms is that they often fail to cough up money for players that our fan base deems as essential. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, FSG outers, but they’re even getting better at that!

I know they’ve made some shocking signings in the past but more recent acquisitions have been phenomenal. Firmino, Mané, Salah, Van Dijk, Robertson. You can’t deny that these signings were only made possible by FSG and what they’ve done for the club.

Also this transfer window! With the way things are going, it could be the best window for us this century! I’m not joking. Just think of a window of Fabinho, Keita, Shaqiri, Fekir and Alisson. I can’t begin to describe what a success that would be for us thanks to FSG.

FSG, love them or hate them, don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Have the positives they’ve brought outweigh the negatives? Maybe. Maybe not. At the end of the day it’s all opinion, isn’t it?

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