Dave Davis spoke to a few influential Reds to get a gauge of the feeling in the fanbase ahead of the Champions League final in Kiev this evening.

Whether you’re going to be watching in Kiev or Kuwait on Saturday, you’ll have an opinion on how things will play out.

Having previously spoken to Official Liverpool Supporters’ Clubs, we spoke to some well-known Reds to get their thoughts on the final.

Matt Smith, BT Sports Presenter (@msmith850)

My take on Saturday night is that if Liverpool play like they can, number 6 becomes a serious possibility. Real Madrid have that happy habit of finding a way, of playing in patches, yet still emerge with a result.

They are a more mature group than Liverpool in that sense. They can adapt to the circumstances – fight you, keep the ball, sit in and counter, cope with going behind and seeing the clock tick down without panicking.

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I don’t think Liverpool have that mix and match capacity yet. But if Klopp’s team start well, and get that head of steam we know and love, they are close to irresistible. I see TAA & Salah getting joy behind Marcelo, and that makes card happy Ramos a concern.

Casemiro is very good at putting out fires but that’s where the Reds can exploit the perceived danger. Firmino and Mane are also a major threat. Set plays can often be a problem for both these teams too. All in all, 0-0 is out of the question. As Keith Allen used to shout, “we’re gonna score one more than you…”


George Sephton, The Voice Of Anfield (@VoiceOfAnfield)

I was there at the last final against Real in Paris but I’ll be watching this one at Anfield. I am 100% confident we can do a job on the Spaniards.

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We just need a reasonable amount of luck. No injuries. No dodgy decisions etc. Most of all, I’d like to get it done in 90 minutes for the sake of my blood pressure. I’ll be a nervous wreck on the night!!

Dharma Bhagalia, Football Writer (@Kloppholic)

I expect the game to be played with an extremely high level of intensity for the entire 90 minutes, meaning that I don’t think either one of Zidane/Klopp are going to alter their styles and instead, continue doing what they have throughout the entire competition.

Madrid have the better squad overall, that’s no secret, but the key will be to expose both of their fullbacks, especially Marcelo who has a tendency of pushing into the opposition’s half with very little intent on tracking back. Navas isn’t the best of goalkeepers either and it only requires one or two chances for us to capitalise.

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At the end of the day, the midfield is where the game will be won. My score prediction: 3-2 Liverpool (by 90 minutes), with goals from Salah (x2), Mané//Ronaldo and Ramos (never rule out a Ramos goal – it’s almost inventible in these types of games).

Happy that we’re such huge underdogs – now let’s make it six!

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