Jon Flanagan - Promising star to common criminal

Alex Rogers discusses the troubling news that Jon Flanagan has pleaded guilty to domestic violence and the repercussions that should follow.

Hey, who remembers Jon Flanagan? Like a lot of people, I’m fully aware Flanagan is a football player for Liverpool, but every time I see his name I can’t help but go: “huh, he’s still kicking about is he?”

Flanagan has really faltered in his professional career, never really getting into the first team apart from for a short spell a couple years back when he was a “promising young, scouse prospect” while also having a somewhat uninspiring loan spell at Burnley.

At the end of the day, at the age of 25, Flanagan is never going to be a Liverpool legend. At best he could be a rotation player in cup matches against League 2 teams. But ideally, we should ship him off. We just don’t need a less than average footballer that’s only played 46 (yes, 46) senior matches at the age of 25.

Despite this, I’ve never had any quarrel over him being a Liverpool player. That was, until, a couple of days ago.

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If you haven’t heard by now, stand up guy, Jon Flanagan, pleaded guilty to beating his girlfriend on a night out a few days before Christmas. I’m sorry to break this to any die-hard Flanagan fans, but this makes him a class A arsehole.

I don’t think I need to explain this to anyone, but if you go about assaulting anyone, not just your girlfriend, it makes you somewhat of a, how should I put this in a way the editor doesn’t have too much work to do replacing my explicit vocabulary, a bad person.

A club spokesman has already come out and said that they won’t comment on the matter until after the legal proceedings, but I’d be very surprised to see him welcomed back with loving arms by big old Klopp. In fact, I sincerely hope he’s binned off, his contract terminated. There’s definitely no place for a woman beater at Liverpool.

Let’s just think about it for a second. Would we miss Flanagan? I very much doubt it. Would it be a good idea for the club to distance itself as far as possible away from a common criminal disguised as a footballer? Yes. Very much so.

I’m not saying this because I’ve got a sudden and strong dislike for Flanagan, but at best he’s either a Championship level player or a relegation candidate team in the Prem. He’s definitely not a player that deserves to be at a team in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

I really hope Flanagan doesn’t get away from this with no real consequences just because he’s a well-off footballer. What he did was wrong. What he did was appalling. What he did was not Liverpool.

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