Was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain a good signing for Liverpool?

With there still a lot of debate about whether or not Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s move from Arsenal was a wise one, Alex Rogers had his say on the matter.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is only 24 years old yet he seems to have been around forever. He’s been kicking a ball around professionally for almost 8 years now which is crazy to think about considering most people still consider him a “young” talent.

24 isn’t old in any respect. Even in football it’s still relatively young. But to put Ox in the category of a young talent wouldn’t be right. The point I’m trying to make with his age is that Chambo’s getting into those years where he should be starting to reach that next level in his game.

Oxlade-Chamberlain’s switch from Arsenal was received rather moderately, with reactions ranging from absolutely livid that we signed him for the pricey fee of £36 million, to pretty chuffed we managed to bring in a Premier League proven player with bags of potential. But because of all this uncertainty of wondering if he was a decent signing or not, it put a lot of pressure on him to prove himself.

To be completely honest, I feel like a lot of people were wanting him to fail. He was being labelled a flop for 10-minute performances after he was subbed on. I may be overthinking it but it seemed like he was getting more stick than usual because he wasn’t Thomas Lemar. After all the hype regarding Lemar in the final stages of the window, many people were disappointed that we ended up with Chambo rather than Monaco man.

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It’s fair to say that Oxlade-Chamberlain’s arrival was greeted with a lot of undue scrutiny, uncertainty and mixed feelings, but slowly and surely, he has begun to show us what he can do – he’s begun to change a few people’s minds.

And if you actually look at Chambo for the type of player he actually is, he’s far better suited to Liverpool than he was at Arsenal. Chambo is what I like to call a “Klopp” player. I’m sure a lot of you know what I mean by that but to put it briefly it means he’s a player that works for the team, he tirelessly nips at players’ ankles and isn’t afraid to defend.

His move from Arsenal was definitely a clever one. It was becoming painfully obvious that if he wanted to advance his career he had to move, had to challenge himself. Liverpool was the perfect choice for him to go and he knew that as he turned down more money to play at Chelsea. I have to admit that it feels nice to know there are still players out there that care more about their football rather than money.

With the Ox only being with us for a few months it’s understandable that it would take a little while to adapt to a new team’s style of play. But despite him being here for such a short amount of time he’s already won over the majority of Liverpool fans. After more and more games for us, he slowly went from an invisible player after being subbed on with 10 minutes to go, to a player that showed a lot of spark and zest.

Already he’s seemed to have found his groove at Liverpool and it’s likely we’ll be getting a lot more solid performances from him. Personally, I believe Oxlade-Chamberlain has a bright future ahead of him at Liverpool. Give him a year and you’ll see just how well suited he is for this team. He may not be Thomas Lemar, but he’s a signing we should definitely be chuffed with.

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