Liverpool vs Sevilla Part 2: The Revenge of the Kop

Alex Rogers is desperate for Liverpool to get their revenge over Sevilla for the hurt the Spaniards inflicted over the Reds in the Europa League final.

Liverpool being back in the Champions League is a big deal. A really big deal. Liverpool being back in the Champions League feels natural.

It’s like seeing fish in the sea, you don’t question it, it’s just how things are meant to be. And Liverpool, my friends, is one of the biggest fish around when it comes to European football.

And isn’t it just fitting that our first opponent in the Champions League would be Sevilla? Thinking back to 2016 still hurts. To think we were so close to winning silverware for the first time since winning the Carling Cup against Cardiff in 2011 just to fall at the final hurdle makes me want to cry.

As irrational as it is to hold a grudge against Sevilla for winning a game against us, I can’t help but feel bitter towards them. I want to beat them, no, embarrass them! I want them to know that we are better than them!

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Let’s just remind ourselves of that night in Basel in 2016. Let’s take ourselves back to how Sevilla handballed the ball not once, not twice but three times in their box! Were we cheated? Well, we certainly weren’t getting any favours that night.

But, thinking rationally, Sevilla weren’t to blame for their handballs going unnoticed. They were just a team playing their football and were fortunate enough to win our trophy.

So tonight, yeah, I’d love it if we won. But the team we played a year and 4 months ago isn’t the same team we’re playing this evening. Eight of the starting line-up from the final in Basel, including the likes of Konoplyanka, Vitolo and Krychowiak, no longer play for the club. Essentially, it’s a completely different team we will be playing.

As much as it’s daunting and yet exciting to be playing Sevilla in our first match in the Champions League since 2014, we have our secret weapon on our side. Anfield’s world renowned European nights.

There’s nothing quite like Anfield against European competition, like how Hoffenheim found out in our qualifying match and it won’t be long until Sevilla feels the electrifying energy.

I’d love to see our return to the Champions League with a win against a team that gave me so much pain and turmoil in my life a year ago. I hope to see a fired up match, with Liverpool having something to prove to the world and to Sevilla. To show that we belong in the Champions League.

My prediction for the match is a 2-1 win for Liverpool. Despite being fairly confident in our ability, I can’t see us keeping a clean sheet.

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