An open letter to Philippe Coutinho


Michael Baddeley pens an open letter to Philippe Coutinho after the Brazilian handed in a transfer request this summer, devastating many supporters.

Being Philippe Coutinho must be a depressing thing right now. I don’t know about the rest of the fans, but my heart really goes out to you at this tough stage in your life.

Imagine being a footballing superstar idolised by millions around the world, earning £150,000-a-week at one of the biggest clubs to ever grace the footballing world. It must be a hard life, eh?

Let’s be real here, Philippe. You’ve got it easy, very very easy.

There are millions and millions of people around the world who can only dream of being given the chance you’ve been gifted, and what’ve you done? You’re thrown a strop and literally started crying because you weren’t allowed to move to FC Barcelona.

Liverpool fans are some of the most loyal fans you will ever have the pleasure of playing for. If you have the privilege to wear that red shirt we will adore you from the word go. And if you have the ability, which you quite clearly have, and do the things you’ve done for us we will love you even more.

Before this whole debacle, you were by far the fan favourite, not a fan favourite, you were THE fan favourite. You were the golden boy of Liverpool FC. The fans sang your name on the concourses week in, week out and little boys and girls around the world worshipped you.

I can’t begin to imagine how amazing that must have been. The feeling to have the famous Anfield Kop singing your name repeatedly and have so many people loving you.

Now let’s compare these two situations. Think back to those times and then look at where you’re at now. Take a look a social media and see how many people have changed their tunes.

You’ve gone from being the darling boy who could do no wrong, to being called a snake and a rat, people not being bothered if you stay and thousands actually wanting you to go and to be perfectly honest, I completely agree with them.

You’ve been nothing but a spoilt little brat and you don’t deserve our love and affection. You don’t even deserve the chance to play for or represent Liverpool Football Club, yet luckily for you, you’ll still get that chance.

Let’s not forget Phil, you were just a young talented midfielder wasting away at Inter Milan until we came in for you. We made you who you are, if it wasn’t for Liverpool you’d be at some mid-table European side. Yet you still decided to turn your back on the club and betray the people who pay your wages and gave you their undying love.

Will Liverpool fans have your back and accept you again? It’s more than likely we will. We’ve welcomed back better players who have done this to us before and we will do it again with quality players in the future as well.

But you need to start grovelling and you need to do it fast. Do some of the talking with your feet, but before that open your mouth on the situation by admitting you were wrong and apologise.

Apologise for the transfer request, apologise for feigning an injury, apologise for telling the club you won’t play for them again, apologise for stabbing us fans in the back and being a disrespectful piece of shit, apologise for everything.

This is a club that is on the up, the sky is the limit for this side and you can be a key piece in restoring Liverpool back to their perch at the top of English football. You’ve been given the platform to become a club legend, Phil, not many people get that, but you’ve been blessed with the opportunity.

The chances of you becoming a legend are slim to none now and your move to Barca will probably happen next summer, that’s just the way it goes nowadays. Many people, myself included, didn’t have you down as the sort of player who would do what you’ve done this summer.

But you’ve proved us all wrong and turned out to be like all the other money grabbing mercenaries in modern football. No loyalty and respect.

I’d like to think that now you haven’t got the move the move you so desperately wanted that you’ll get your head down and play your best for the team, but I really don’t think that’ll be the case.

In fact, I’m 110% sure you’ll only be playing for self-gain. Any top performance will probably be to impress Barcelona, to aid your move next summer and land a spot in Brazil’s World Cup squad.

Unfortunately, you’re probably never going to see this letter and to be perfectly honest I don’t think you’d care anyway.

But if you do have any ounce of regret in your body then you need to rectify your actions and address the situation pronto. Apologise and I’m pretty certain we’d accept it.


  1. People should be allowed to leave if the price is right. Maybe that’s not a popular opinion but I think we expect too much loyalty from players. Would you turn down a “better” job out of loyalty to your current employer? Maybe, maybe not. When players have a crappy season do we stay loyal or want them out? Works both ways

    However, by feigning injury Couthino can go and do one as far as I’m concerned. 5 games, including crucial champions league qualifiers, avoided because… Reasons? Pathetic. Thankfully there’s the world cup to motivate him into doing something, but he’s dead to me. Sure, ask to join barca but do your job. Raging at the rat.

    • Don’t sign a five year contract! From the club’s point of view they pay him based on a lot of things including the length of the contract and the manager builds his team so that players complement each other, so J.K does that and just when he has almost built his squad PC pulls the rug out from under him!

  2. Post it on his twitter page do everything you can to make sure the little scheming skip rat gets to read it!! very well put Michael hats off to you!

  3. I’m a Liverpool fan. But seriously wise up. He had the chance to go to Barcelona. To achieve everything with them as a player of his ability should.

    He has given us a long enough chance.

    Because of his gift he would want to achieve bigger and better things not simply be content at Liverpool. We are still a bit off achieving the league and bigger things particularly with our ever leaking defence that has never been properly sorted.

    So no I don’t agree with you article.

  4. I would not accept any apology from him and if my name was Klopp he would be sitting in the stands til his backside was sore, if discipline is good enough for Sahko then it’s good enough for every other player, to play Phil you have to leave out another player who would shed blood for the club if he had to is that fair?. Also how would the fans have treated VVD if he had got his way?

    • Putting in a transfer request is not a disciplinary matter. He had the right to do this. Hardly comparable to Sahko’s situation.

      It would be mad to exclude coutinho.

      And had we got VVD this year our fans would has been ecstatic. Whereas along your proposed punishment of Coutinho should we have punished VVD for putting in a transfer request and wanting to move on to things that his ability deserves….

      • It’s not asking for a transfer that bothers me it is being able to play for his country whilst feining a bad back ( as if we didn’t have enough of those already) and declaring he would not play for his club again is a disciplinary matter as he is under contract and being paid enormous sums weekly. I regard that far more seriously than sakho’s inocent error. VVD is also under contract in the same way.
        If they want casual work then they should not sign the contract and refuse the extra cash.

  5. This opinion is stupid. Words like this will only undermine players determination. You are one of a band of utter morons who expect unshakeable loyalty from players to our club, even if they were born a million miles from Merseyside.

    Whatever stage you are in your life, whether you are on 15k a year or 150k a week, if a new direction presents itself in life that you want to take, most of us will grab it with both hands. Don’t give me this ‘he shouldn’t have signed a 5 year contract.’ Nonsense! Who wouldn’t sign a contract that gives you better money? If you worked for Primark and they offered to double your wages for some random 5 year commitment, then Harrod’s offered you an even better salary 6 months later would you take it? And can I remind you that he is only 25! Hardly the age of peak maturity eh? Haven’t you ever said something with great enthusiasm when you were in your twenties, only to change your mind a few months later? I’m 35 and I frequently decide I definitely want to live in one country or another, only to change my mind and take a job elsewhere. Have you told one lass you loved her then broken up with her a few months later? And what of VVD? Would you have turned down the chance to sign him because he handed in a transfer request too?

    Also, all this stuff about how lucky he is to play for us… Do you realise this kid wasn’t even alive when we last won the title, and is from a different continent? And he is arguably one of the ten best players in the world right now! Are you sure it isn’t the other way round? We are not the draw we were in the late eighties, or even after Rafa’s Champions League win. We are hopefully getting back there it seems, but looking at the train wreck this club was after Hodgson, Hicks and Gillett, don’t you think we were lucky that this young guy destined to become one of the world’s best rocked up on our doorstep to help drag us back up there with his genius?

    As for the back injury, can I remind everyone that we don’t know shit and this could very well have been Klopp’s decision to make up some bullshit to protect the vibe in the changing room?

    If you want us to win the league, which you should do as a fan, then how about you write articles that aim to bring the best out of our players, as opposed to this tripe which would only deepen their wish that they had got away? One of the world’s best players has given us – a club that owing to almost three decades of under achievement has nowhere near the international reputation of Barcelona and others – 4 and a half years of his career and is now set to give us at least another 4 months or a year, and all you can do is pen a load of hate.

    We are very privileged to still see this lad in our colours, get behind him and he might have a change of heart and stay even longer, bringing success with him. Or write crap like this and encourage him to leave, and even encourage other beauties not to join in the first place.

  6. As a scouser I feel Phil did a whole lot of things wrongly but I feel we should be tapping our English talents and leave the south americans alone because they tend to want to finally play for Madrid or Barca even though we are a much more bigger club steeped in richer tradition but they still feel the need to play for them…
    So let’s leave them and focus on our talents here and go back to the days of trashing Madrid 4-1….


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