Can Liverpool turn this transfer window into a success?

Liverpool FC Training Session and Press Conference
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Alex Rogers discusses how expectations going into the summer transfer window have contributed to mass disappointment among Liverpool supporters.

Well, hasn’t this transfer window been one hell of a ride!? From the optimistic highs of getting that fourth spot in the league and letting our imaginations run wild with the possibilities of who we may sign, to the bone crushing lows of Coutinho’s transfer request and the numbert of signings we were lead to believe were on their way, it’s safe to say this window has been an interesting one.

At this stage of the window and looking at our current squad, the vast majority of fans would think that this summer has been an awful one, and who can blame them?

Being led to believe that we would be spending not just over £100million, but something closer to £200million – a fifth of a billion pounds – but only having spent less than £40million with less than a week left of the window is bitterly disappointing.

But, as naive as it may seem, is this window salvageable? I think it’s possible but I’m an overly optimistic guy.

Just think, we may have achieved a top four finish, but only a few days ago did we actually confirm our place in the Champions League. Who knows, a lot of players may have been put off by that and would’ve wanted to wait and see.

Maybe now that we are confirmed back in Europe will the players come knocking, even this late in the window.

This isn’t confirmed but the murmurings are that van Dijk may have a Champions League clause in his contract meaning Southampton could be forced into allowing us to pry away their prized possession.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to finally get van Dijk? After all this time? Our defence definitely needs a bit of his Dutch courage to improve. Also, it would help me stop me drinking during games for the Dutch courage to steady my nerves.

And what about other targets? Who knows, maybe there’s secret a signing ready to be announced and we don’t know about it? Probably not but it’s a nice thought.

There’s no doubt that we’re still getting linked with players and that could be down to lies from the papers or actual interest but we won’t know until we have that player leaning for his photo shoot at Melwood.

Players like Oxlade-Chamberlain seem to be the likeliest to sign given the current transfer climate.

But even if we sign Virgil van Dijk and a midfielder like Mateo Kovacic or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain this late on, would that mean this window was a success? Personally, no, no it would not.

The way it was built up I was expecting us to take over the world! I was led to believe this window would pave the way for the quadruple!

I’m hoping we sign at least one more player, but we’d really need to pull something magical out our arses to consider this window a success.


  1. This transfer window, if Liverpool could get rid of Lovren, Sakho, Henderson, Milner, Wijnaldum, just to name a few, it would have been deemed a huge success… even if there are no new signings.

  2. Mr Klopp or Mr John Henry, who is in dream land? Dream land in believing that all is well with the setup as it is. Building on the fourth place finish by throttling down into the transfer season was the only expected course of action. Of course not, management had eyes for only Salah, Keita and Van Dirk as the only major acquisition. Salako and Robertson were peripheral in the arrangement. Bites from Klopp suggests that the transfer window is already over at LFC. I am certainly not hopeful of a great season.

  3. The transfer window has only done one thing: cemented the view that FSG only care about profit and not on field success. If LFC fans want trophies we must show these owners the door like the last lot of penny pinching business men


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