Why Liverpool fans should support Alberto Moreno

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Alex Rogers takes a look at the Alberto Moreno experiment after the Spaniard came in for more criticism this week.

Love him or hate him, it seems that Alberto Moreno seems to be staying at Liverpool for yet another season. And not just that, indications so far this season show that he could be our starting left back with James Milner back to being a midfielder.

I don’t think I need to ask, but the majority of people wouldn’t be too devastated if Moreno were to leave after his somewhat turbulent career at Liverpool, but it seems Jürgen Klopp has seen something in him and has deemed him worthy of another chance to prove himself.

As much as many fans would have wanted him sold during this window, it seems he’s here for at least one more year. But is that such a bad thing?

Alberto Moreno has always been seen as a reckless player with poor positional awareness by Liverpool fans across the globe. Combine that with Liverpool’s famously rocky defence and you’ve got yourself a recipe for conceding goals.

To the surprise of many, new signing Andrew Robertson has yet to make a competitive debut for the club or even make the bench for that matter. Why buy a new left back to replace a midfielder that’s been played at left back for a year to only play the left back that the midfielder was used to replace?

Personally, I was under the impression that Robertson was brought in to be our new starting left back or that Milner was going to be utilised at left back again. Not many people anticipated the return of Moreno, and with good reason. He’s a bomb scare.

However, it’s not the end of the world unlike what many people are thinking. If Moreno is Klopp’s new starting left back, so be it, he must have a reason for it.

What many people seem to forget is that Klopp is a brilliant coach. His job is to make players better! Chances are, with his year out of the starting line up, Moreno and Klopp have worked hard to improve.

And to be fair to him, his first two games this season, personally, haven’t been awful. Not amazing but definitely not atrocious. There’s definitely time to pick up form and show us what Klopp has seen in him.

So, while he’s at Liverpool, as much as you may despise that he’s even still a player for Liverpool, let’s support our man Alberto. As much as he isn’t David Alaba or Marcelo, he’s still a Liverpool player.


  1. Klopp is delighted with keeping Moreno as it means he does not have to spend money on a replacement. The saving in this approach can be added to the saving by not buying any other players we have had continual and intense conversations over. He can they complete the task given to him before the summer by the American owners. He was told that they would come out publicly with the information that up to £200million would be authorised for transfer use – that was their part fulfilled. Klopp would fulfil his part by ensuring that much brouhaha , fuffing and faffing would last until the closing of the window before too much money was skimmed off company profits. He successfully spent a little under £50million – that was his part fulfilled. Fans are not happy? why the hell should they care about fans. This is an commercial business.

  2. Words almost fail me.
    Moreno is defensively deficient on SO MANY fronts it is hard to list them.
    To be that size and play in THAT position you must be exceptional. He is palpably not.
    Milner has obviously staked his claim for a midfield spot – so no more left back for him.
    Robertson is not ‘ready’ according to JK – which leaves us with this terrible option.
    Clyne can play left back when he returns – and I would try to sign Tierney from Celtic if we want young but experienced potential.
    We will pay for playing Moreno. Let’s hope the price is not too high

  3. Jason (and many others) probably thinks that the owners instructed Klopp to try to sign players he knew he could not get, so we could save money. Pathetic.


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