Liverpool still “looking for players”

Jurgen Klopp at Melwood.
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Liverpool Football Club are still looking for the right players to sign this summer, according to manager Jürgen Klopp.

I don’t know whether this is a worrying development or a positive one.

Jürgen Klopp has admitted he is still “looking for players” as he seeks to make up for the fact that Liverpool have quite the hefty injury list despite not even having played a competitive minute of football yet.

The Reds are missing midfield duo Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana while Nathaniel Clyne has not been seen since early July and Daniel Sturridge is a case of same old, same old.

“We don’t have too many midfield players in the moment who have experience,” Klopp admitted.

“Are we looking still for players? Yes. That is the truth. But we were looking for players before Adam was injured. Now he is injured and Phil is injured so we have two less. It doesn’t make the situation more comfortable. You cannot be really prepared for situations like this but we have time.”

“I’m just thinking about Watford and how we can start the season. But the 31st? Yes, I know. Everything can happen. But I’m not sure that they will happen. If I were sure, they would probably already be in or whatever. It’s still open for business.”

Despite Klopp’s fairly unconvincing attempts at trying to play down some of the criticism surrounding Liverpool’s summer business so far this window, concerns remain that the club have simply not done enough to actually compete on all fronts this coming campaign.

The German himself, however, is adamant that the Reds have enough in their ranks to do just that.

“We will see what happens for us. We’ve tried to strengthen the squad. That’s happened in all parts,” Klopp added. “Dom puts pressure on all our other central strikers. Mo too and Robbo is really on a good way so that’s all cool.”

“We got Hendo back after a long time out and that is also a big positive thing for us.”

“Alberto Moreno – you saw him. He looks good, he looks different, he has matured. He used the year to work on a few things that we had spoken about. When he can really handle them, he is an outstanding player. That’s all good. In this moment I am really fine but we will see what happens.”

I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of transfers. Roll on Watford.


    • Hey Ang I agree with Mahrez but I’m afraid I wouldn’t go the route with Vardy as his cost would be Ridiculous considering his age and for Liverpool they want players for Now and for the long term 5 years as Klopp wants to build a squad that he hopes will be together for the next 5 years so they go from strength to Strength !!! So that’s why I’m now Happy for Klopp to sell Coutinho after he’s made it clear he wants gone with handing in a Transfer Request plus also saying he hasn’t got on with Klopp for past 6 months which to me was the final straw for Coutinho as Disrespectful to Klopp and Liverpool and don’t forget he’s only just signed a 5 year contract with Liverpool and being paid a lot of money and Now he’s got an injured back and out for the next couple of games atleast !!! So Sell Him on your terms Klopp and for me that’s a fee of atleast £120M cash or £105M plus Gomes or Rakitic or even Rafinha or take 2 of these as we still need a bigger squad of top class players and we know both Gomes and Rakitic have made it clear they would love to join Liverpool as part of the Coutinho deal or stand alone !!!

  1. We might as well keep Moreno until Jan and see if he continues with his fine form but regards Coutinho let the Guy go for the right money plus some players as we need a bigger squad and adding players like Gomes or Rakitic or Rafinha isn’t a bad option as I’m really not sure what Coutinho will give us now or will he play the injury card ?? 1 player who has just put in a Transfer Request and is for sale is
    Geoffrey Kondogbia who would be perfect for us as can play the positions we are in need of CB’ LB’ DM’ CM and price is €30M
    So let’s get this guy asap !!!


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