Jürgen Klopp admits Coutinho future out of his hands

Philippe Coutinho sits on the bench for Liverpool during a pre-season game.
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Liverpool Football Club’s manager Jürgen Klopp has admitted that the future of play maker Philippe Coutinho is not solely in his hands. 

The whole Coutinho saga has become incredibly frustrating, incredibly quickly.

The Brazilian attempted to rock the boat on Friday afternoon by handing in a transfer request as Barcelona are believed to have issued the playmaker a “now or never” ultimatum – quality banter, as we all know they’ll be back for him next summer if they don’t get him now.

This prompted Jürgen Klopp to reaffirm publicly that the player has no price tag and will not be sold this window. However, the German has seemingly admitted today that despite FSG’s own statement yesterday refusing to allow the player a move being made public, it is not going to be that simple.

Following Liverpool’s explosive 3-3 draw with Watford, the manager revealed that the player’s future is not just in his hands but those of the “people at the club.”

He addressed a question on potentially selling the no.10 by responding the following:

“You have to ask the club. I didn’t see the club today—those people. You have to ask them but I don’t think so because I think it was pretty clear what the club, FSG, said about it.”

“I can say something that is maybe a more important thing. As a manager of a football club I have bosses, and if bosses decide, for example, just in general, to sell a player or we don’t sell him, then I have to accept it.”

“If they don’t sell him, then I’m not involved anymore. I’m responsible for all players, not just one, two or three. I cannot say anything about it. The only thing is I work with the players I have—that is what I’m always doing.”

Klopp’s comments seemingly imply that Liverpool’s entire hierarchy will have the final say on whether the player is kept or sold but admittedly do not reveal much about what action will be taken between now and August 31st.

Unfortunately, all we can really do now is sit and wait.


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