Dave Davis believes the next 30 days are critical for Fenway Sports Group’s reign as owners of Liverpool Football Club.

Come the 3rd September and the transfer window slamming shut, Twitter will descend into a frenzy. Judgements will be made, players and staff heralded or ridiculed and the words success or failure will be uttered.

Make no mistake about it, this may wełl be the most crucial month in FSG’s tenure as far as most Reds are concerned. There are multiple issues to sort and how each one is handled will be crucial.

Philippe Coutinho’s future with Liverpool

Rumours are gathering pace that the Brazilian magician has made Liverpool aware of his desire to move to Barcelona.

That may well be the case, but Jurgen Klopp simply can’t afford to let his best player leave. If we are to taste success this season, Coutinho will be crucial.

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FSG may well be faced with temptation if £100 million+ falls into their laps, but a club that’s struggling to attract top names can’t afford to let one they have go.

With little to no time to find a replacement anyhow and with echoes of the Suarez situation, this would be football suicide. If FSG did sanction this one, Liverpool can forget about joining the top table again.

Virgil van Dijk still hasn’t signed for Liverpool

With the embarrassment of the Keïta situation still lingering, the club appeared to have all their eggs in one basket. Apologies and Blackpool aside, this is what remains of Liverpool’s name as a serious club to negotiate with at stake.

If Van Dijk doesn’t make the move, whether it be due to Southampton’s refusal to deal with us or any other factor you care to mention, the club will look even weaker.

An alternative move such as Koulibaly could actually help fans forget the saga in the long run as Sadio Mané and Mohammed Salah have proved with Götze and Brandt. No 6ft 4in Dutch incoming or alternative will see a Twitter meltdown. Which may well be understandable.


The new men in power

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The names Michael Edwards and Peter Moore are now well known to Reds everywhere. Edwards is in charge of negotiating Liverpool’s transfers and had a positive start to the summer with Salah and Edwards.

The praise that followed has turned to derision over the last month as the Keïta and VVD sagas continue to drag. New to the role, it was always going to be defined as success or failure by fans based on where we come the window’s close. If it’s the latter, questions will naturally be asked about a rapid promotion.

Moore is obviously a very successful businessman but as history proves, that doesn’t always translate to football success. Some fans have been pleased with his media and fan friendly approach, whilst others have questioned how the CEO of Liverpool Football Club should spend his time.

Ian Ayre was derided for his five minutes with a Harley. Moore has been quick to reiterate that he doesn’t have a say in transfers. However, if targets aren’t landed and the start to the season isn’t what some hope for, he may have given his critics a stick to beat him with.

Jürgen Klopp might have questions for FSG

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It’s been a while since Liverpool had a world class manager at the helm before Jurgen Klopp’s arrival. It would be fascinating to get a penny for his thoughts right now.

How would he feel if FSG were to sanction the Coutinho move? What would happen if Virgil Van Dijk can’t be signed? Do you genuinely feel you have the strength in depth to compete on all fronts this summer?

There’s no suggestion at all that the former Dortmund manager is unhappy in any way, but this month may well have an impact on his long-term future at the club. If the answer ends up being negative to all of the above, Klopp’s relationship with FSG could be an interesting one.

3rd September. The day the transfer window slams shut. There’s a lot to be decided between now and then. What does happen may well play a part in how all fans view the owners.

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