Why Andrew Robertson is a bargain for Liverpool FC

Andy Robertson at Liverpool's Melwood training ground.
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Damon Savenelli talks Andrew Robertson and why the Scottish left-back is a better signing than he’s been given credit for. 

With the headlines drenched in news about Virgil van Dijk and Naby Keïta, I feel as though the transfer of Andrew Robertson has gone almost entirely unnoticed.

It seems as though Liverpool fans have been yearning for a left-back forever now and with the purchase of Robertson, we finally have one. I am just surprised by how little response this transfer received.

I do not really care about where a player comes from, how much he costs, or what country he is from. All I know is that I 100% trust Jürgen Klopp. Every signing has my backing until his performances on the pitch prove otherwise.

Andy Robertson at Liverpool's Melwood training ground.
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Sure, Andrew Robertson came from Hull City, not the most glorious club in England but that just does not really matter. As we saw last summer, we purchased Gini Wijnaldum from an atrocious Newcastle side but hey, what would you know, that worked out really well for us.

Klopp purchases players that fit his style, players that have specific attributes that appeal to him. We saw that with Sadio Mané as well. He does not go out and purchase £90 million world beaters. He’s just not that kind of manager.

Like I said above, we finally have a legitimate left back in our squad. From what I have seen, Robertson looks to have a decent array of attacking skills.

Decent pace, good passer, good at lobbing crosses into the box. Defensively, I do not know too much about the former Dundee United man other than the fact that he made 0 defensive errors for Hull last season.

We can not ignore the fee either. Let’s be honest, the £10 million that we shelled out for Robertson is basically pennies in today’s market.

Especially when you consider that on the day Liverpool officially announced Robertson, Hull also announced the signing of Kevin Stewart for about £8 million. We essentially swapped a (no offence to Stewart) useless, 24-year-old midfielder for a young, much needed left back.

Jurgen Klopp in Hong Kong.
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I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have the latter.

Even if Robertson proves to be a bust, it is not like we spent a monstrous amount of money on him. We will send him on his way and look for a replacement.

As for where he fits into the squad, I expect him to be James Milner’s back up or maybe even split game time with the Englishman. Unless he proves differently in training, I cannot really see Robertson being a starter right out of the gate.

Either way, I hope that Robertson can play a big role for us this season. With Klopp’s men facing competition on four fronts, he will have plenty of time to prove himself.

We finally have ourselves a much needed left back and we are one Virgil van Dijk away from having a very decent squad. So cheer up guys, life is not so bad (even if the Red Bull drinking bastards do refuse to give us Keïta).


  1. a bit harsh on stewart i thought the lad gave his all whilst on the pitch ,quite far from being useless .now balotelli that was useless.

  2. I welcomed Andrew and not only are you harsh on Stewart but also and him saying you see him as ‘backup’ to Milner. For myself I see him as replacement for an ageing Milner who slowed alarmingly towards the end of the season. In my youth of the 50’s and 60’s Scottish clubs provided many of not only our but other 1st Division teams with classy and legendary players.
    It’s not from whence you come but where you’ll go.


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