Virgil van Dijk’s preference for Liverpool move is “understandable”

Virgil Van Dijk comes up against Sadio Mane in the Premier League at St. Mary's Stadium. SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom.
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Virgil van Dijk’s wish to move to Liverpool Football Club this summer is “understandable”, according to former footballer Peter Odemwingie.

It’s no secret that Virgil van Dijk is pushing for a move to Liverpool Football Club this summer and if it were down to simply just the defender and Liverpool, he’d have been finalised weeks ago.

However, despite banishing the player to train on his own and excluding him from their French training camps, Southampton are adamant they will not sell their captain this transfer window.

Liverpool are said to be treading very carefully around the situation, despite issuing an apology over the ‘tapping up’ scandal back in June but Peter Odemwingie believes that van Dijk is already as good as gone from Southampton.

“I don’t think it’ll ever be the same for a player who is going through that situation,” revealed the former Stoke and West Bromwich Albion striker.

Virgil Van Dijk playing for Southampton in the Premier League.
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“It’s a bad situation for both the player at the club because if he stays, he’s never going to be the same. He won’t play the same way and fans will be upset, sometimes just one word from a fan will remind you about what happened in the summer and it can put you off completely, for a whole week or even a whole month.”

Odemwingie revealed he is sympathetic to van Dijk’s stance and believes that while Southampton is a “good club” with “great fans,” it is entirely “understandable” that he believes a move to Liverpool is what’s best for his career.

“I can understand Van Dijk’s point of view,” Odemwingie added.

“This situation will be difficult for him, there are big clubs going after him. Southampton is a good club with great fans, but it’s absolutely understandable that he wants to make the best of his career.”

Virgil van Dijk of Southampton celebrates scoring his team's second goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Southampton and Leicester City at St Mary's Stadium on October 17, 2015 in Southampton, England.
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“You get more respect if you play at the top clubs and if you challenge for European titles.”

The player’s desire to leave has already been publicly confirmed by new Southampton boss Mauricio Pellegrino and many feel that it is only a matter of time now before the Dutchman is allowed to make the switch to Merseyside having effectively downed tools.

“The boy said that he is not available to play because he wants to leave,” Pellegrino said to the media last week.

“This is the decision. I had to say, if you don’t want to be involved because you don’t feel OK then you have to train alone until this period of time happens.”

What do you think? Will van Dijk be a Liverpool player come the end of the window or do you simply not care by this point? 


  1. How can any reasonable person be sympathetic to a person who signs a 6 year contract at his current club Southampton to go on strike less than a year later. Rediculious. Grow up. Liverpuke should be fined and suspended for 3 years of incoming transfer for their poaching of this player and others . The beautiful game is a joke now

  2. Brian Gibson- Grow up yourself you whining little snot nose brat!!! He doesn’t want to play for your sh**tty little club anymore!!! He wants to play for one the best coaches in the game today and one of the most historic clubs in history, he wants to play for Klopp and the REDS!!! So take your tampon out, and don’t get your panties in a wad!! Its gonna happen, so get over it!! The game is still beautiful. YNWA!!!

  3. On top that Brian, Liverpool were found to be not guilty of tapping up or any wrongdoing by the FA!!! Which means Brian Gibson, that we are innocent according to the FA you whimpering little girl/muppet!!!


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