Time for LFC to move on from Naby Keïta

Darmstadt - RB Leipzig / Fußball Bundesliga Darmstadt, 29.10.2016, Jonathan-Heimes-Stadion am Bˆllenfalltor, GER, Fußball, 1.Bundesliga, 9. Spieltag , SV Darmstadt 98 vs. RB Leipzig 0:2 (0:0) , Im Bild: Naby Keita (RB Leipzig). , Darmstadt RB Leipzig Bundesliga Darmstadt 29 10 2016 Jonathan Home Stadium at Bˆllenfalltor ger 1 Bundesliga 9 Matchday SV Darmstadt 98 vs RB Leipzig 0 2 0 0 in Picture Naby Keita RB Leipzig
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Jack Hallows thinks unless there is a radical change, it’s time for Liverpool Football Club to give up on Naby Keïta and move on to new targets. 

I hate to say it, but Liverpool’s Naby Keïta pursuit is looking dead in the water folks.

RB Leipzig’s stance has not changed and it looks increasingly likely that it simply will not change in the future either for any amount of money.

Credit to the German club, they’ve stood fast on their stance that none of their players will leave and while we can moan about it, they’ve not done anything that we wouldn’t if things got desperate in our efforts to keep Philippe Coutinho from Barcelona this summer.

Philippe Coutinho of Liverpool during the pre-season friendly match between Wigan Athletic and Liverpool at DW Stadium on July 14, 2017 in Wigan, England.
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Despite the recent injury incident and yesterday’s reports from BILD that the club is looking for replacements due to Keïta lacking motivation in training, it seems that Leipzig are content to let him throw his toys out of the cot knowing that they hold all the cards. If they don’t want him to go, he won’t go. Simple as that.

Chris Williams, a Bundesliga expert and Liverpool fan, has tweeted this morning that Oliver Mintzlaff – CEO at RB Leipzig – was the biggest player in allowing the Reds to make contact with Keïta and his agent.

However this is not necessarily good news as, with Mintzlaff’s comments in SportBILD following yesterday’s friendly game being of a less than positive nature, the deal looks as if it’s finally dead in the water.

The most incredible part of the whole narrative is that Leipzig are said to have given both Liverpool and Keïta the impression that the Reds’ second bid of £66m would be enough to see the midfielder allowed to leave the club.

It has been claimed by multiple unconfirmed sources that it was due to the Reds’ decision to ask for a differing payment structure that Leipzig went back on their word but there are a number of factors that could’ve been in play.

If the contradicting German reports that the Reds have made a third £75m bid for the player really are true, it’s looking frustratingly likely that even that won’t be enough.

Naby Keita on the bench for RB Leipzig
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Whatever happened that made Leipzig change their minds following the Reds second bid, one thing is clear. Leipzig are not going to reverse their stance on the player.

They know that if they start to allow clubs such as Liverpool to bully them into selling their best players then they will begin being cherry picked and will find it much harder to compete with Bayern Munich and credit to them for holding fast on that.

Good luck to them when Bayern trigger the Guinean’s release clause and manage to sign him for just £48m next summer, though.


  1. I totally agree with most of what you say, but it is abundantly clear that Liverpool have not put another bid in for Keita. It is just more rumours. He is not coming to Liverpool and maybe the not so bright people, and I am not being facetious, would give up hope if there were not so many lies. It has got to the stage where people cannot. Believe anything and it is a great pity that something cannot be done about it. To be honest it is perfectly clear now why Leipzig have adopted the stance they have. I hope that Liverpool do that with courtinho. We cannot afford to lose him And there are so many lies about that.


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