Jürgen Klopp has opened up on Liverpool’s transfer policy this summer and insists he’s happy with how deals are progressing. 

It’s been a fairly quiet summer so far for Liverpool Football Club.

Alongside signing Dominic Solanke and Mohamed Salah, the Reds have been linked heavily with Virgil van Dijk and Naby Keïta but much to the frustration of fans everywhere, it’s only their struggles with signing both that have been well documented this summer.

There has been a lot of criticism thrown the way of the Reds’ owners’ FSG – as there is every time something isn’t resolved in five minutes – but the boss has stressed that the Americans are more than willing to throw whatever cash they have to at his primary targets.

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When asked if he was satisfied with the backing given to him by the owners, Klopp responded: “100%. What else could I say? If they could make it quicker, you can imagine they would be here and trying. It’s not about money or something like this.

“Okay, I didn’t ask if I could buy Ronaldo or the other guys from Barcelona but I am absolutely fine with this.”

The Reds left Merseyside for their Hong Kong tour on Sunday with youngster Dominic Solanke and record-signing Mohamed Salah as the only newcomers to last season’s squad but Klopp isn’t ready to panic.

“If I could decide alone, we would be complete from the last day of last season. Done, shoot, there’s the new team,” he said.

“Thank you very much and all the rest. But that is dreamland and I am used to doing all the things. I can imagine if you are not involved it is annoying for fans.”

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“They think: ‘Oh my God! Nothing happens here! Everything happens there!’ We cannot think like this. And in the meantime, we work together. We are working really hard, going out to Asia and all that stuff.

“We really feel good that we can keep the team together that played last season. What we do from now will help us to improve. I felt we already had a pretty good side last year, especially when everyone is fit and that gives me a good feeling.


“If I could decide alone, we would already have them because I like to have everyone here for the first day of training at the latest. But that is not possible anymore and probably won’t be possible again in the world, especially in England. So why should I moan about it?”

The Reds are said to be close to making Hull City left-back Andrew Robertson their third signing of the summer in an £8m deal but the lengthy pursuits of Virgil van Dijk and Naby Keïta are set to continue for some time yet.

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Klopp when asked on this matter, explained that the Reds have the money but convincing clubs to sell remains the major sticking point.

“It is always complicated if you want,” Klopp explained.

“If the (selling) club needs the money or has another solution then the chances are higher, especially in England. I read in Germany that there are still transfers in the Bundesliga for £5million. You can imagine that happening in England? No chance. Yet it is similar quality.

“As I say, money is only somewhere else. You are in a circle and that is how it works here. It’s not that we don’t want to spend. It is all about doing the right things. What is the challenge? To convince the players or the challenge to have the money? We pretty much have all what you need but at the end it is still business.

“You go out and see the car that you have been dreaming about your whole life. You say ‘here is the money’ but they say to you ‘I don’t want to sell the car.’ You say ‘but I have got the money!’ but they say ‘I don’t want to sell.'”

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