Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp has opened up about how he will be picking his team for Wednesday’s friendly match against Tranmere Rovers. 

Football is finally back! Almost.

The Reds travel to Tranmere on Wednesday to play the first of their friendly fixtures this summer and it feels like a seriously long time coming.

Reds boss Jürgen Klopp has been talking team selection ahead of the match and while Emre Can, Adam Lallana and Philippe Coutinho certainly will not feature – the German is still on holiday while the other two only returned to Melwood on Tuesday – and Mohamed Salah is not yet eligible to play for the Reds, everyone else who “can run” will be fair game it seems!

“On Wednesday morning I will make the line-up, but everyone who can run, if you like, will play! So that’s what we will try to do, we have a nice and big group at the moment. Little problems here, little problems there, but not too much so far,” the boss told the club’s official website.

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He added: “We have more than 20 players at the moment and even more goalkeepers, but I don’t know who will start tomorrow. It’s not that important for me so much, but whoever comes to Tranmere we will see pretty much all of them that are available.”

As mentioned previously, star duo Adam Lallana and Philippe Coutinho returned to Melwood on Tuesday morning but the fixture comes far too quickly for the pair and playing them would be a risk that Klopp is not willing to take.


“It was good to see them – they looked well recovered, I would say! Adam’s hair has grown a little bit again, I hadn’t seen him for six or seven weeks. Phil looks good also, so it’s always good – an outstanding player and having him not around feels a little bit strange, but having him around feels much better!

“Pretty much all of the players will play at Tranmere. Of course, not Adam and Phil – they only arrived on Tuesday and they have to train now, then we will see how far they are before the game at Wigan. It is not even sure we will try this, so then for sure in Asia they will be a part of the line-up.”

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The game on Wednesday will mark a week since Klopp began the Reds pre-season preparations and the squad have been undergoing brutal double session days in a bid to up their fitness as quickly as possible.

“It’s been good,” the manager said of the preparations so far.

“You saw since today we’ve had a nice and big training group, and of course that’s not the final squad – that’s clear – but all good so far.

“The testing was good and the boys came back really fit. They did what they had to do and I like this. I know in this world I had to say this even if it was not like this because everything else would create big stories, but the nice thing is it is the truth. They really came back in good shape, so we started from a good point.

“Adapting to this intensity again is always a challenge for all of us, but it’s worked out well so far. Now we have the first game and that’s a nice thing because it’s why we all do it – to play the games at some point. I thought one week without a game made sense and now we can go to Tranmere and play there.”

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