Melissa Reddy on van Dijk, Keïta and whether Liverpool can still sign their top targets

Virgil Van Dijk playing for Southampton in the Premier League.
All rights reserved by Squawka’s Melissa Reddy has given her fresh opinion on whether or not she thinks Liverpool still stand a chance of securing Klopp’s top targets. 

Speaking to the Anfield Wrap for the latest edition of their excellent podcast, Melissa Reddy has given her thoughts on the Virgil van Dijk and Naby Keïta transfer sagas while also voicing her opinion on whether the Reds will still be able to secure all of Klopp’s first-choice targets this summer.

Reddy believes that while links have gone quiet in recent weeks, Hull City left-back Andy Robertson is definitely still on the Reds radar but that the club will continue to look elsewhere before making a decision.

“As things stand Andy Robertson is the one (left-back) under consideration but I think Liverpool would be looking at others to see if they could do any more before definitely settling.”

Deals for Keïta and van Dijk certainly seem to be a lot harder to complete and Reddy echoes this sentiment, believing Keïta could get done based on Liverpool’s determination while van Dijk will be the “most difficult to get done.”

“RB Leipzig are being incredibly stubborn over Keïta and I don’t think that is a bluff. They do want to build around him and the only thing they don’t have – they’ve got money, a good squad and play good football – they want to be a European super club but they have no status and Liverpool can give him that.

“I think it happens purely based on the determination to get it done. I think it’s really, really difficult to do and no one should underestimate how exhausting it will be but I think that one happens.

“Van Dijk is the most difficult one because of what’s going on and what’s gone on cannot only be viewed in the circumstance of the tapping up apology. Southampton are sick of Liverpool taking their players – understandably so – so I think that as things stand it is the most difficult one to get over the line even though he’s wanted to move to Liverpool.”

Finally, Reddy reveals that Liverpool are still “primed” to make a bid for Oxlade-Chamberlain but only if his current contract stand-off evolves into Arsenal being absolutely unable to keep him at the club.

“Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arsenal were confident 2/3 weeks ago that he would sign a new deal, they’ve offered him a good package and good money but he wanted guarantees and it keeps shifting and at the moment the noise from Arsenal is that they would keep him even if he doesn’t sign a new contract.

“However I think if they continue to struggle to get him to sign a new deal then Liverpool are primed and ready to go and get him.”


  1. Left back. Robertson not the one. Got relegated last year . We want winners. Give Flanaghan a try again. He was top class for a year before his injury. Cost nothing , remember the Spurs goal ?
    Center back. I do not see why the present players are not good enough. Lovren, before he came here, had as good a reputation as VVD and only needs coaching to get the best out of him. 60-70mil for VVD. not worth it.
    Naby Keita. Again too much money, and the fact that he has only had one good year. It is a big risk to fork out 70mil. What happens if he does not perform when he gets here ? Do we sell Can or Henderson to play Keita ?
    As well as that there are about 4 or 5 good midfield players coming through the U23’s . Alexander- arnold, Grujic, etc. Why not give one or two an extended run, or are those players doomed to follow Suso and end up good players playing for other clubs. Which gets me to Oxlaid-Chambelain. Why buy a reserve player when we have better ones ourselves in the U23’s. Why restrict their playing time when ,with games they will get better .

  2. I understand that the team needs improvements even on the bench, I believe we really need more creativity and innovation from the midfield side, there were far too many games last season where we couldn’t get the correct pass , the goal or stop the opposition from scoring. So getting Naby Keita in would help


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